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Hedda gabler

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Hedda Gabler The Spoiled Brat

What can we say about someone who is a spoiled brat. We can say that a spoiled brat is someone that gets everything they wants and gets upset when they donít get what they want. It is a person who is extremely rude to the people they feel is beneath them. It is a person craving to get all the attention of other people, and gets jealous when other people get the attention they want. It is a person who wants control of everything and everything to be done their way. Hedda Gabler is this ìspoiled brat.î

Hedda is General Gablers daughter. Most likely, when she was growing up, she got everything she wanted and never appreciated any of it. She was ìdaddyís little girl.î She probably grew accustomed to a particular way of life in her fathers house which was her way, and for that she probably never prepared for the fact that someday things will change.

Right from the very beginning we see that most of the people who meet with Hedda Gabler are very afraid of her. From the start, the maid Bertha says that she is frightened that Madam may not find me suitableî (Ibsen 17) and that Hedda ìwants everything so.î (Ibsen 17) Bertha is very scared that sheís going to lose her job.

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Upon Heddas first appearance, she makes many snobbish remarks. First, she turns up her nose at Georges special handmade slippers. When Tesman asked Hedda to look at the slippers she replies, ìThanks, I wonít bother.î (Ibsen 1) Later she insults Aunt Jujus new hat, pretending to mistake it for the maids. She makes the comment that the maid should be fired for leaving ìher old hat lying on the chair.î (Ibsen 1) When Tesman asks Hedda to call his aunt Auntie Juju, Hedda straight out refuses saying that she ìwill try to call her Aunt Juliana. Thatís how far as Iíll go.î (Ibsen 1) Right from the start we can see that Hedda is not only rude but also very snobbish.

She seems to have married Tesman for very practical reasons. Most likely she was probably running out of money to live on her own and needed someone to support her. Tesman seems like a perfect match because he is a safe and respectable man. He is a man that does better for her reputation than for her emotional needs. She tells Judge Brack that the reason she married Tesman was that her ìtime was up. ... After all, George Tesman, well, I mean, heís a very respectable man.î (Ibsen 146)

However, Hedda seems to be repulsed by everything about George Tesman. She demands much more class than he has been able to provide her, for she was the beautiful, charming daughter of General Gabler and deserved nothing but the finest. She seems very upset at the fact that Tesman ìcouldnít possible afford a footman,î (Ibsen 14) or get her the ìthoroughbred horse (Tesman) promisedî (Ibsen 14) her. Also when the idea comes up of trading in Heddaís old piano for a new one, Hedda refuses and wants to have both of them, something Tesman cannot afford.

Also, Hedda seems to be very bortors in her life. It really depends on the way you look you look at her and her character. Many can say her attitude and behavior was most likely from the time period she lived in, when the standards for womenís behavior were different. Some may say that she was a strong and independent woman, but couldnít express herself the way she really wanted to because she was the generalís daughter.

But any way you really look at it, the bottom line is that Hedda was a spoiled brat. She got all the things she wanted, and she would of done everything possible just to get something, unless it will ruin her reputation. And with all that she did get, she wanted more and was willing to destroy the lives others for her person entertainment and satisfaction. However, in the end, she was ìdaddyís little girlî no more, and her suicide was the only way to control her own destiny because she could not control anyone elseís anymore. The ìspoiled bratî didnít get her way.

Ibsen, Henrik, Hedda Gabler, The Norton Anthology World Masterpieces, pages 16-181

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