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Inclusion in the classroom

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In Bram Stoker’s, “ Dracula ” in chapter fourteen, Dr. Van Helsing realizes that there are still idle Victorian women in the world. He realizes this from talking to Mina and reading her journal. In this chapter, Dr. Van Helsing meets with Mina Harker to discuss Lucy’s sleepwalking experience. Dr. Van Helsing was very impressed with the way Mina was prepared for their meeting. He becomes very thankful for this and in return promises to help her with her husband Johnathan. Dr. Van Helsing states Mina is a good women and is very grateful of her because she states the truth about her life in her journal. Therefore this essay will analyze Dr. Van Helsing feelings towards how it is hard to find a good women and how Mina gives him hope.

In Mina’s journal, Dr. Van Helsing finds all he needs to know about Miss. Lucy’s sleepwalking adventure to the cliff. Mina wrote down at the time all about it and it came to be such great help to him. She allows him to read her journal because she knew he knew about Lucy’s experience but wanted her side for better understanding. So Mina typed her journal up for this reason and also to save much questioning. Dr. Van Helsing was applauded by her act and started to realize how good of a women she was. Dr. Van Helsing read her journal and was dazzled by it. He became so grateful of her and considered himself lucky to be dealing with such a clever women.

“ My life is a barren and lonely one, and so full of work that I have not had much

time for friendships….Believe me, then, that I come here full of respect for you,

and you have given me hope, hope not what I am seeking of but that there are good women still left to make life happy, good women, whose lives and whose

truths may make good lessons for the children that are to be.”

This evidence has indicated Dr. Van Helsings feelings towards Mina. From her journal, he could tell she is a good-hearted woman. This is what allows him to have hope. However being a good woman in the Victorian age was quite different. A woman had to give up most of her life as Mina did. They had to erase their own personality and give their husband their identity. So they really did not have any say in their life or their own opinion. They had to stay at home and act as if they were a maid. Women were to serve their husband and bare his children. These were only some circumstance that had to be filled. Dr. Van Helsing saw Mina as a good woman because she fulfilled them and because of her helpfulness with him and Lucy. Mina was the idle Victorian woman unlike Lucy, she was too modern. Mina is the kind of women Dr. Van Helsing thought was too hard to find and no longer exist.

In conclusion because of Mina’s goodness, she has helped Dr. Van Helsing with Lucy. Also in return, he has promised her to help her with her husband Johnathan. Which will hopefully lead her and her husband to happiness. She has also given hope to Dr. Van Helsing that there are still good women. From dealing with Lucy his hope was low but from his meeting with Mina his hope had increased a great deal. Dr. Van Helsing has worked with many, many people throughout his life. Just by reading Mina’s journal and seeing her concern for her husband he could tell she was of good nature. Mina has accepted the ways to be a good woman and has realized by doing so it will only help her live a better life.

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