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gender roles

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Gender Roles

Who ever said men and women are equal must be blind. Women have always taken a back seat to men in American society. There has always seemed to be one set of standards that apply to men, and another set of standards that apply to women. This is evident in the home, workplace, and all throughout society. I would like to briefly discuss some of the differences that we learn about our gender, which will enable us to better understand men, and women.

Our supposed roles as men and women start at the hospital when we are born. Boys get blue blankets while girls get pink blankets. While children are growing up, gender roles are highly defined by parents and teachers as well as societal influences. Boys were taught to do “boy” things and girls were taught to do “girly” things. The toys that children play with growing up are targeted at either males or females. The activities that are encouraged by adults demonstrate the influence of gender roles on today’s youth. Little boy toys include trucks, blocks, guns, soldiers, and action figures. While toys made for little girls include dolls, kitchen utensils, dress-up, and doll houses.

The expectations that parents hold for each of the children vary among their gender role. For instance, when boys get hurt their parents say things like “shake it off,” or “that didn’t hurt much,” but when little girls got hurt, they would give her attention and pull her aside and take care of her. Parents treat each child in completely different regard. These patterns and thought processes continue on into our adulthood and begin to play out in our relationships with others, which include dating and marriage. With these gender biases and stereotypes in mind, it is easy to see how gender roles are created.

Parents always encourage boys to skateboard, play football, rides bikes, or take karate lessons. On the other hand, parents encourage girls to jump rope, hull-a-hoop, play dress-up, and play with dolls. Moms are always teaching their girls how to cook, and dads are taking the boys out to a basketball, football, or hockey games.

Gender roles will continue from birth. No matter where you go, gender roles are always being pointed out among boys and girls. As long as parents are drawing a line between their children’s toys, and activities gender roles will continue to be outlined.

I first began to have belief’s about gender roles were when I was about 1 years old. When I was growing up my sister always had a baby doll and I always had G.I. Joe’s. This is the way that our parents had shown us how to differentiate between boy and girl toy’s. Even to this day I will continue this traditional way of thinking. While raising my children I will deviate my beliefs on what is appropriate for their gender.

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