Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Wootania: An Utopian Society

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In the perfect society of Wootania, there are rules that dictate what the people can do. They are not to punish, they are just to ensure the safety and provide assistance to the protection and preservation of the country and its people.

Rule #1 Any person or persons caught vandalizing any governmental or private property will be sentenced to fix the area they vandalized and to clean up their entire neighborhood. This includes, but does not limit to mowing everyone’s lawn, fixing sidewalks that have cracks, nicks, or stains, and repainting houses that are old or deteriorating houses.

Rule # If a keeper of the peace, a police officer, should catch someone stealing anything, that person or persons will be required to give the item or items back, buy a new item to replace the other one if it is damaged, and be the owner’s personal assistant for a term determined by the value of the item. For instance, a person is caught stealing a watch valued at $150. That person must give the watch back to the owner, buy them a new watch if it is damaged, and based upon the value of it, must be the owner’s personal assistant for a period of three weeks. That works out to be a term of one week for every $50.


Rule # Everyone must learn a trade or occupation of his or hers own choosing. This trade must be helpful to their community in a way that it can be used effectively. The trade can range from agriculture or farming to an electrical engineer. The people choose these trades when they are four years old and are placed in classes that teach them the trade until they are sixteen years old.

Rule #4 Everyone must be faithful to their spouse. If a person is not faithful, they will be taken into a room and have to confess everything they did since the day they got married; including looking at the opposite sex in a lustful manner, having fellings toward someone else, and reconcile with their spouse.

These are just a few of the hundreds of rules we have in Wootania to ensure the safety and to regulate what people can do. If you do not abide by these rules, you will pay a consequence and it will not be fun.

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