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high Schools vs. College

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High Schools versus Colleges

High schools and colleges are both foundations of a fundamental future, but while similar in many ways they are also different in many others. Students, who have enjoyed high school for its fun lunches and flexibility, may have nothing of the sort when going to college. While high school lunches are filled with everyone that they may have been associated with, when going to college lunches may become a very brief and unsociable event. Centuries of educational evolution have brought fourth different aspects in changes. Change is inevitable, on the other hand some similarities will forever accompany education. These similarities and differences include the people, schedules, and cost.

Students, whose whole high school career has been surrounded by familiar faces, do not always get the luxury of being accompanied to college by the same people. When beginning college, the differences between the two institutions are obvious. The nice, sweet old lady that was called “librarian” is now replaced with a student worker. The principal that used to walk up and down the hallways to make sure that everything was in order is now replaced with a president or dean whom is rarely seen. Although the differences may be obvious, the similarities are instant. The teachers are still very much involved with the student’s problems and issues in the classroom as those in high school. The high school students that may be remembered as being involved out going are now in campus organizations like the Student Government Association.

Another dramatic comparison that may shock a first year college student straight out of high school may be the way that classes are scheduled. For once the average student has a choice of when to take his/her classes. Students do not have the tedious 7 am to pm schedule as in high school; instead, they have the options of early morning, mid day, or even nights. Some students may even have an unwelcome 1- hour break between classes, whereas in high school they are not given an option, and one can only break when told to do so. In high school, lunch becomes a very social event; it is broken down into three periods or in some cases broken down to one single period for the whole school. In college, there is no typical lunch; one may eat whenever he/she is awarded a break between classes, which will vary. Although the differences in how the schedules are apparent, once a student has gotten used to the schedule that he/she has chosen, the days will become similar to those of high school. Although one may choose the days and times which will be convenient to take classes, college is set up with the same hours of operation as the high schools from 7 am to 4pm, after that time just like in high schools, one will not find any form of administration in the school.

High school students, whose four years have come at no cost to them, are granted a wake up call with the cost of college.These surprises come from books, tuition, and even one of the basic essentials of life, food. A student will be surprised to learn that in college nothing is free, compared to high school, where everything is given to the student. In college, books are a problem to some people due to the prices ranging from 10 dollars to 150 dollars per book, whereas in high school they are loaned to the students. Where the cost of books might be different, the cost of things like supplies will ultimately stay the same. In college, one buys pencils, pens, and paper to get through school just like in high school. Clothes also become a constant cost. Even though the change between two schools occurs, the need as well as the cost of clothes will remain about the same.

The similarities and differences between high schools and colleges are made up of endless things that can be compared as well as contrasted. When going to college straight out of high school one may notice some of these similarities while spotting the differences. The changes can become for some people, an exciting experience while a frightening one for others. Nothing can prepare someone for college and the factors associated with it, but the fact that there are differences as well as likenesses between college and high school is comforting for some people. Students who believe that change is good and needed fall into a group all its own. The other students who are afraid of change, fall into another group. Whether one falls into either group, the truth that there are differences as well as similarities to help make the transition from one institution to the other easier is unbelievable yet true.

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