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columbian exchange

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Columbian Exchange

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The most tragic trade with the three contents Europe, Africa and North America was the consequence of human contact. Around the time of the exploration a lot of Europeans lost their lives to diseases. The Black Death, a disease that evolved around the Fourteenth Century had decreased a third of Europe’s population. There were other serious diseases such as small pox, measles and typhus, which had very devastating results. But luckily the Europeans found ways to resist infections.

Columbus and the Europeans explore and discovered the Native Americans, in an environment where contagious disease was never a threat until the Anglo-Saxons arrived. Then much more disease had spread faster and it was more deadly to the Native Americans. In 14 an estimate of people that lived in America was from a high of 5 million to a low of 1 million. In between Europeans and Indians about 0 to 5 percent of the native population had died of a diseases in the first century . Also in 14 their intentions were to make money and expand empires .

The diseases took a tragic turn as it followed the lines of Kinship and also the trade that held native North America together. The diseases that were found in Africa and Europe were exchanged across the North American landscape had many effects. The effects occurred when Europe, North America and Africa was passing plants. Asia traded plants such as bananas sugar cane and rice into Africa ,00 years ago. The plants and animals from Eurasia and North America were a little different. European bison and the American buffalo were alike and Europe had nothing like the rattlesnake and North America had nothing like the humped camel. North American plants traveled west to east into Columbian Exchange. Tobacco was Economically important in North America because it was used for ceremonial purposes. Cocoa was also very popular among the old world consumers.

Africa was the main supplier of labor in the old world. The ancient Egyptians brought slaves from Ethiopia and other regions south of Sahara Desert. When North African Muslims created caravan routs into the sub-Saharan Africa, Slaves were a very valuable trade item and second was 4 karate gold. When Columbus discovered the new world it was forced to be more of a modern and new society for the Europeans. Europe’s population began rising when potatoes, maize and other new world crops began to revolutionize food production. populations grew and not as much wars broke out.

The vegetables from new world helped to revolutionize world supplies. The vegetables were very easy to grow and animals were also included in the Columbian Exchange. Not even a large tome would have been enough space to list the plants, animals and micro-organisms exchanged. The Europeans brought horses, pigs, cattle, oxen, sheep and goats. They changed the land clearing trees, undergrowth, by plowing and fencing helped alter the water flow. The most important environmental impact of the Columbian Exchange was it’s influence on human populations. Even though diseases killed millions of Native Americans and lowered the number of Africans. European transplantation of North American plants did make the food production lager in areas of Europe.

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