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a wall of fire rising

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In the poem Set This Book On Fire! Jimmy Santiago Baca expresses an urge to be truthful in what one writes regardless of its’ affects. Baca uses intense metaphors and harsh realities to speak against writers, who edit their work to relate to a higher class of readers; or write about experiences they have not experienced.

The first type of poet Baca speaks against is the one who alters their work in order to gain monetary revenue. Baca slams these poets with several metaphors like

The last thing we need is more toothless tigers

stalking thousand-dollar checks from sympathetic patrons

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of first-class airlines and four-star hotels. (78)

Tigers without teeth cannot hunt for themselves and therefore become dependent on other methods of getting food. In this same manner a poet, who is only concerned with money, has to write to the taste of those with the most money. These poets often suppress their own experience because their listeners may not relate and therefore may not enjoy the poem.

Baca also speaks against those who write about realities that are not their own. Baca expresses that aspect of his poem in the passage

if you’re going to preach what you don’t follow,

testify to what you haven’t lived, [...]

know that poetry deserves better than that

hee-hawing, educated, hillbilly-mule (77)

To “preach what you don’t follow” (77) means, in poetry, to include in a poem ideas in which the poet has no first hand knowledge. It is the falsehood portrayed by poets when doing a reading, the reaction of an audience when hearing dramatic stories of unparalleled realities, and the respect of high-class listeners, which become the root of Baca’s poem. Poetry, according to Baca, is not getting the truth it deserves from these poets.

Jimmy Santiago Baca relentlessly expresses his views on poets whose work is less then truthful. He slams some for their false portrayals of dramatic experiences and slams others for their desire to seek approval from those who may not be able to relate with the reality of their story, which they leave out of their work. These poets are urged to “please step aside” (78), and let the real poets do their work. Baca’s work, on the other hand, holds true to the standards he set with the poem Set This Book On Fire!

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