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This is the first effort of Four Seasons Hotels to open a hotel in Paris. The management’s biggest problem seems to be the adaptation of the Four Seasons system to the French way of life. In France the employees can not be replaced easily and when taking over such an establishment, Four Seasons management had to keep most of the existing staff and make them adjust to the way of Four Seasons. In a country like France where people are really proud of everything linked to France made it hard to adjust to the customs and standards of the Four Seasons management. Keeping the existing staff helped George 5 to remain local and F.S. management made the necessary adjustments not to offend the employees or the customers. However since the research doesn’t have enough information on why the former George 5 was doing bad we can not really comment on by just changing the management the new George 5 will be successful.

The competitors of the new Paris Four Seasons George 5 are the other 5 palace hotels with about the same credentials. George 5 and Plaza Athenee are built in a different style which can give these a slight advantage over the others. Four Seasons George 5 has the highest capacity and the highest prices among the six.

The high capacity and 5 workweek hours caused Four Seasons keep more staff and the number of employees per room is higher then the average for Four Seasons Hotels. The numbers are close to the ones of New York Pierre and Milan.

Four Seasons Canadian roots can help this hotel to be successful in Paris. As a brand Four Seasons doesn’t have the American title attached to it and in Europe, especially in France where the American culture is seen as Mickey Mouse’s this represents an advantage.

One of the most important aspects of the Four Seasons Hotels is that they blend in with the local environment and as stated in research the buildings chosen for the hotels represent their locations.

The potential customers who would stay at the hotel are not the local people, they would like to breath in the air of the country they are in and the above aspect matches with this goal. However locals will still use the hotel for the restaurants, for balls…etc so these services must be as good as their hospitality.

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