Wednesday, August 1, 2012

example essay

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My uncle Billy is a sweet and kind person. He is always there to help me with my homework or if I need a ride to school. He doesn’t have any children and he lives with his girlfriend. If I ever need money, my uncle is always there to give it to me. I guess you can say he is like my second dad. However my uncle Billy can also be a clean freak, always complaining and he is very impatient. My uncle Billy is the biggest clean freak you will ever meet. For instance, he vacuums his house three times a day, everyday. If there is one spot on his kitchen floor, he will mop the entire kitchen floor. He also will wash the dishes in the sink; then he will put them in the dishwasher, to be washed a second time. My uncle Billy can also be very neat. When he does his laundry, he will iron every piece of clothing that he washes. Then, when he puts his clothes away, everything must be hung neatly in his closet. When my uncle watches TV, during every commercial he will dust the blinds, entertainment center or the tables. Not only is my uncle obsessed with cleanliness. He also complains constantly because everyone else is not a clean freak. For example, one Christmas my little cousins came to his house and he told them to neatly take the wrapping paper off the gifts and put the wrapping paper directly into the trash can. If there is one piece one piece of fuzz on the floor he will vacuum the whole house and complain that he vacuums his life away, instead of just picking the one piece of fuzz off the floor. Last week my aunt put a glass in the sink and my uncle complained that she was lazy and he is always cleaning up after her. The worst characteristic about my uncle Billy is he is always in a rush. When he takes my grand mom to the super market, he will be finished shopping a half hour before she is even half way finished. Then his complaining will start about how slow people move. Another thing that I can’t stand is when he is driving he speeds all the time and complains about how the other drivers shouldn’t have a license. The worst is when we go out to eat and we have to wait for our food. He will complain about how poor the service is and how dumb the people are that work there; this is because he is one impatient man. Despite that my uncle is a clean freak, complains constantly and is very impatient. He isn’t that bad, because most of the time he can be funny and is the most generous person you’ll ever meet. I love my uncle even though he has some annoying habits because he is always willing to help me out with whatever I need, whenever I need it.

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