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Biology Homework

Photocopy 1


B- BlueCell Membrane

Red Nucleus

Green Cytoplasm


B- Chloroplast and Cellulose cell wall, are part of the plant cell, but not of the animal cell.

C- There are many thinks, that an animal cell and a plant cell has in common, such as nucleus, starch, vacuole, chloroplast.

i- 4,

ii- 0,8

iii- ,8

b- 0,16


1 a

Contains haemoglobin and transport oxygen.

b Can contract and bring about movement.

c Removes waste products from the body.

d Carries messages in the form of electrical impulse.

- Cells with a a similar structure and function group together to form a tissue. Muscle tissue for example, is made up of many muscle cells and nerve system consists of nerve cells. Several tissues usually combine to form an organism which has one overall function. For example, the heart needs muscle tissue to contract, nervous cells, to control the rate of beat and contraction tissue line the blood vessels within the heart. Yet another type of tissue known as conective tissue is used to hold all the other tissues together. It also provide, a structural tissue and some support and protection. Generally organs work together within an organ system. For example the pancreas stomach and gall bladder all function within the digestive system and the big intestine, small intestine, rectum and anus all function within the excretory system.

a-Circulatory system.

b- Nervous system.

c- Excretion system.

d- Articulatory system

e- Respiratory system.

f- Skeleton.

g- Digestive system.

h- Reproductive system.


Tissue Function Location

Skin Provides a lining or covering It covers the body

Muscle Can contract and bring about movement. All the body

Nerve Carries messages in the form of electrical impulse. Brain

Connective hold all the other tissues together All the body, maintaining together the other tissues.

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