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I was signed up for the war a few weeks ago. I don’t really want to fight, but I don’t have much of a choice. Saddam Hussein has told us that the Americans are evil and against Allah. They’re very bad. I left home a few weeks before. I have my gun with me and for the past few days I have been living in a foxhole with Akbar, Ali and another Saddam. We’ve already been in combat, and I’ve seen people drop dead in front of me. It’s all the American’s though. My friends agree. They’re fighting a dirty war, using their planes to fire at us at night. I’m fairly scared, but I don’t want to go home without any honor.

Last night was a bad night. Two guards were found sleeping in the watchtower. We never get enough sleep. They bomb us at night and keep us awake. Anyway, they shot the two guards and made us watch. But you have to try and forget these things. It’s like what Ali says, “ You have to try to forget these things, and keep your wits about you.” But it’s hard to do sometimes.

We crossed the South West Bridge and made it to the border of Kuwait. We’ve had to dig new foxholes as well. It’s when your digging that you get the chance to talk to people and get to know them. We met up with Rez here. He’s a laugh. Always impersonates Akbar, who’s our corporal in charge. It’s really funny to watch. Make’s it easier. We stationed at the border and built more foxholes. Then we sit and wait to be attacked. It’s horrible.

Dr. Morris took me to the hospital today. Because of the spells I’ve been having. It’s all white and smelly. There is an old man in the bed next to me. He talked to me for a little while. He doesn’t get many visitors. Actually, he hasn’t had any visitors for a while. He was a nice bloke. He lets me call him Bob. He’s , and he can still ride a bike. He was a solider in the Great War. And he likes fishing. A lot. He hit his head in a bike accident, and he’s in here for observation, like me. I told him about the stuff that I’ve seen when Latif takes over. He seems to understand, but I don’t think he believes me.

Mum and dad and Tom came in that night. They bought me books to read. Mum talked to Bob for a while. She bought black grapes with them too, and Tom kept eating them in front of me to annoy me. But I don’t mind. It was good. Dad said he’d take me to the Museum on Saturday too. So I can’t wait to get out.

I woke up during the night that I woke up. I don’t know why, but then I realized what was happening. Latif was coming back, and I couldn’t fight it.

We were being attacked again. And this was a bad one. The Americans were flying overhead, bombing us, and I was sure I could catch bits of their English language now and then, and I realized they were on the ground too. I couldn’t move. I didn’t want to die. I wanted them to die. So I just curled up in my foxhole. I hid. Akbar was in the foxhole too. He said, “C’mon Latif, we have to get out there and help.” But I was frozen. So he went out by himself. I called out to him, but I don’t think he could hear me over the gunshots and blasts. I kept calling but he didn’t come back. Not for a long time. And I just stayed curled up in my foxhole, like a coward.

It was a few day’s after the air raid. They’ve moved me from the ward at the hospital. I’m in a nut house now. I haven’t been me for a while now. I’m stuck in Latif’s body, seeing what he sees. It’s weird. He’s on watch now, looking out for planes and soldiers.

I was still in the mental hospital when mum and dad stopped visiting. Tom still came though. I could see him, but I could still see everything in Kuwait as well. It was when Latif was asleep that I broke away from him and was actually able to have a conversation as me with Tom. I told him about how the guys in Kuwait treated Latif. Tom just didn’t quite seem to understand. He did, but I don’t think he wanted to believe it. I was only there for a while. Tom grabbed me and I think it woke Latif up, because I was dragged back to Kuwait.

We were being bombed. I hid in my shelter, the bombs exploding around me, and the gun blasts from the land war going off everywhere. I curled up in a ball and covered my ears. I was there for a while, when I felt like someone was hugging me even though there was no one there. I don’t know what it was, but I dint care. I snuggled up and felt slightly safer, even though I was alone.

It was later that day after the bombing that Latif became weaker and I could go back to being me. Tom was there, but I accidentally piddled on him so he had to get cleaned up. Rez and Ali had gone to get food and they didn’t come back. Everyone has been decapitated and blown up and we can’t bury them. It was just Latif, Akbar and me now, except I wasn’t really there.

It was just Akbar and me, Latif. He said to me, “We’re going to make a white flag and surrender when it gets light.” There was hardly anyone here. They were either dead or gone. I could still hear helicopters, but I couldn’t see them. Akbar told me about the camera’s they have that lets them see in the dark. It isn’t fair. I haven’t shot anyone down yet either. Akbar still has hope, but I know we are going to die.

It was shortly after that when Akbar died. A land mine went off right in front of him, and he just caught fire! I tried to roll him over on the floor, and put the fire out with my hands. But it didn’t work. Akbar died. I went to pick up my gun, but my hands were so badly burnt I couldn’t.

I woke up in the corner of a room, in what seemed like a hospital. Tom was there, and so was a doctor. His name was Dr. Rashid. He told me that I’d fallen off my bike and had a spell in hospital. Thay acted weird for a while, but then I could go home.

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