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Human resource development

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A-What is a competency?

Competency is defined as a behavior that describes excellent performance in a particular work context.

In today’s workplace five skills competencies are needed to succeed

The employee needs to know how to identify, organize, plan and allocate Resources.

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Interpersonal skills also play a major role; as he needs to work with others, participate as a member of a tem while teaching others new skills. He needs to exercise leadership by communicating new ideas to justify his position and persuades other.

He has to be able to acquire, evaluate and organize.

Information. The employee must understand systems, knowing how social, organizational and technological systems work and be able to operate effectively with them.

Finally, technology is a very important competency, as he has to work with a variety of new software, which he must understand and apply.

The worker needs three fundamental skills, which range from the Basic skills of reading, writing, performing arithmetic and mathematical operations, listening and speaking. To thinking skills, which consist of thinking creatively, making decisions, solving problems, visualizing, learning new knowledge and skills, and reasoning.

And finally Personal Qualities, which should encompass responsibilities towards attaining his goal, self-esteem, sociability his ability to demonstrate friendliness, politeness in group settings sociability, self-management (setting personal goals) and honesty by choosing ethnical courses of action.

B � Example

Mercy Medical center-Si oux city

The success of “MMCSC” relies upon the service and quality of care they provide to their patients guests and co-workers.

The competencies, which are required of all the employees at Mercy, reflect the Mercy values.

Mercy strives to exceed the needs and expectations of every patient, guest and co-worker. They try to make all patients, guests and employees feel welcome and accepted, they speak with everyone encountered while keeping eye contact along with a smile.

The employee speaks highly of Mercy and co-workers to patients and other. They offer assistance to personally escort patients and guests to their destinations and introduce them to a contact person regardless of whose department it is. They do whatever is necessary to avoid ignoring, insulting or offending others, they do not argue or are rude to any patient or guest. On the contrary they treat them the way they would like to be treated. They keep personal issues separate from professional responsibilities. Employee offers suggestions for areas of continually improving performance.

They also maintain a safe environment and observe good safety practices while respecting the organizations and each individual’s rights of privacy, confidentiality and security.

C � Terranet

Terranet considers its relationship with clients to be similar to that with it’s employees it is a partnership.

The human Resources and development area is proud that Terranet is considered an employer of choice. This is achieved by responding to the needs of its staff. That means offering adaptable work arrangements such as compressed work schedules and flexible hours. It involves promoting open door policies, advocating clear lines of communicating with management and both recognize and rewarding worthy ideas and notable achievements.

Terranet distinguishes itself by doing business differently and treating its employees differently by sustaining a work environment interaction. They have developed an atmosphere that people find comfortable and productive.

Terranet embraces balance; they understand that life is not just about work. It’s about maintaining responsibilities towards family; it’s about upgrading skills through company-sponsored education and training programs. Terranet is implementing a new HR structure based on the new ISO protocol (001 000) that will be applied in 00. this new HR structure will increase the efficiency of the employees by providing the right management structure which will lead to providing the internet service to the end user while insisting on customer satisfaction.

It is the HR manager’s job to make sure that this new protocol is applied successfully in the organization and that the employees are aware and informed about the procedures needed to be known to be able to perfectly apply this new change.

It is necessary for the HR and department manager to own certain competencies to perform their job adequacy. These competencies include; creating a culture of ethnical standards within the organization and the community, they should also help to create key values and shared vision and use these principles to guide actions of their employees. The manager should facilitate collaboration with internal and external groups to ensure participation of key stakeholders.

He should also contribute to the development, and monitoring of organizational performance standards to achieve excellence. Environmental changes do influence these competencies. Technological changes which require the manager to be proactive in order to recognize situations where change needed and initiate appropriate action with to insure the organizations growth and prosperity. It is also required of the manager to change plans in response to this new technological advance rather then pressuring a single course of action. He also has to react positively to change co-operating readily with revised methods and priorities, as well as anticipating and preparing teams and employees to be able to cooperate and benefit of his change.

· This new model is a world wide certificate which will enable Terranet to distinguish itself from other internet providers in Lebanon as being more highly and technically qualified thus giving them the upper hand in the Lebanese market. The HR and department manager are responsible for implementing this model, by making sure that all the qualification of the ISO certificate are included in the company. It is necessary to inform all the employees of this new change and to train them in it as they will play a big role in its application in the organization.

D � Competencies

Dew to the increasing numbers of competitors in the external environment, Terranet is in need of new competency model to answer to this change.

That is the creation of a 4 hour, 7 days a week costumer service that is ready to help the customers/department and answer their questions at any time.


Customer Service

Definition answers customers needs in a manner that provides added value and generates significant customer satisfaction.

- Employees understand the needs of customers.

- They are very polite and patient while assisting the customer.

- Try to explain and persuade the customer of Terranet higher quality and processing power.

- The employees make sure that they gain the loyalty of the customer by making sure that the customer is satisfied of his purchase.

E � Conclusion

In this new era technology is advancing at a frightening rate, Terranet and other companies are trying hard to keep up. This cannot be achieved if managers are not pro-active and try to anticipate changes in the external environment. These changes are numerous and to change it is necessary that a competency model be developed to be able to adapt to these changes and to gain the competitive advantage over competitors in the market.

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