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Defining organizational behavior

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Defining Organizational Behavior

Organizational Behavior is the study and application of knowledge about how people, individuals, and groups act in organizations. (Clark, 001) Hammonds states that “Most companies want leaders who, given the choice between right and wrong, naturally do right. They need leaders whom employees and customers can trust.” (00).

Within the organization that I work for there is a continual learning process as there is in many other organizations. The learning is part of the modeling that Leaders learn to pass on to their teams. Training classes should be required to develop and guide employees on expected behaviors with customers, shareholders and other employees. The anticipated behavior within our organization is that the employee will always treat others with the utmost respect and contribute their best efforts in all that they do.

The leaders are a large part of the success of the company. Leadership is an integral part of the organization as a whole. Leaders can motivate through allowing the needs of co-workers and peers to coincide with the needs of your organization. This continues the momentum to progress in a positive motion for the benefit of the organization.

It is also important to allow others to be part of the decision process for projects and problem solving. Employees are a crucial part of the success of any organization. As part of the motivation within our company we have a program that allows employees to submit ideas and potentially generate the idea into an actuality for the company. This could be as simple as a new product or a process that makes an every day routine task automated or simplified.

The overall behavior of the management and all levels truly dictates the continued thriving of the organization. This is not to say this is the least important aspect of the company, however management as a whole models how the organization will behave and react. The success of any organization looks up to the higher management for direction and success for all those that are truly impacted by the progress of the company.

Organizational Behavior Overall

Organizational Behavior as noted is critical to the success of a good organization. It is important to include all those involved in the business when success is essential. Most companies look for leaders and try to keep those that choose to do things right. As a whole the company needs the leaders whom can be trusted with their expertise and portray the behavior that is anticipated in the workplace.


Hammonds, Keith H. (Nov 00). Test of Character. Fast Company; Issue 76, p40, 1/p (Wednesday, October 4, 001 854 PM). Ch 15 Leadership and Organizational Behavior.

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