Friday, July 13, 2012

be yourself

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Theres been a great deal of debate about this movie as it deals with the fat issue and has been accused of being offensive and politically incorrect.

If you havent already heard Jack Black plays Hal, who promised his father on his deathbed that hed only date pretty, slim women.

Hal has kept true to his word and is the shallowest chap around - until he meets self-help guru Anthony Robbins (played by himself) in an elevator, where Robbins hypnotises him into see the inner beauty in people, rather than concentrating on their looks.

So, hypnotised Hal then falls in love with Rosemary (Paltrow), an obese woman who, in Hals eyes is the tastiest bird on the block.

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But when the hypnosis starts to wear off Hal has to decide whether he loves Rosemary because of who she is or the way (he thinks) she looks.

There are oodles of human issues to explore here and, fair dos to the Farrellys they try to delve into the ideas of love, materialism, media images and the superficiality of the modern world.

Indeed, in some rare moments of humanity we really get to see Rosemarys point of view, and how her life has been negatively affected by her weight.

But the brothers dont go far enough and pepper the tale with fatty jokes and rude innuendos that will make more sensitive members of the audience wince in embarrassment.

In society overweight people are vilified and ignored - and everyone thinks they just eat mountains of chocolate and cakes because they want to - but in reality many obese people (and were dealing with obesity in Shallow Hal, not someone whos a couple of pounds overweight) have psychological problems and anyone whos battled with their weight will know how hard it is and how desperate it can be.

So, a film that pokes fun at someone who has what is essentially a mental health problem rates very low in my book.

Add to this the fact that Hal himself is played by the dumpy, mono-browed Black, who is no oil painting himself, and none of the characters tease Rosemary for going out with him, then you open yet another can of worms about male and female issues.

Its easy to bang on about the morality of this movie. In short some will enjoy it, some wont, but let me give you something to think about.

If this film was about a man whod been hypnotised to see the inner beauty in someone and falls in love with an anorexic, and his pals make loads of jokes about her - would you want to see it?

• A Psychologist can hypnotize any body with a piercing look.

No. Never! Psychologists who are trained in hypnosis or hypnotherapy can hypnotize others if the patient/client is totally willing and cooperative. A mere study of Psychology will not equip a person to hypnotize any body.

• If one can hypnotize a person you can make him do any thing.

Sorry, never. Even under deep hypnosis a hypnotized person will not obey if he is asked to perform unethical actions.

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