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I have chosen a “Sketcher’s Sport Footwear” ad from a Young and Modern teen magazine. It is two pages long, therefore, this company must have paid a lot of money to have this ad published.

The first page has two spaces the shape of a square, with two females modeling the shoe. The left page has two girls, one with straight hair and the other with curly light brown hair. Half of their bodies are blended in, sort of faded into the background of a staircase of an airport terminal. It is weird because it reminds me of the airport in Colombia, somewhat sad looking and dull. They both are wearing sketcher shoes, a khaki colored pair, and a blue pair. The next box is extremely pointless. The page is supposed to advertise their sneakers, and instead, they show the face of a blond girl looking up. It has nothing to do with the ad. Her face looks as though it has been perfected with the use of a computer because her face is flawless and impeccable. It is too perfect to be real and it looks unnatural. Her lips are colored in a rich red shiny color, and her eyelids are of a pinkish color. She has light blue eyes and blond bold hair. The girl looks American.

On the next page, there are two more boxes. The first one is of a model wearing the gray and red sketcher shoes. She is oriental looking, very thin with black hair, and looks very simple because of her outfit, a plain tangtop with grey sport pants. She is standing with a pose and is waiting for the subway. The last box is of another model wearing another pair of sketchers sneakers. She is wearing a grayish-purplish skirt with a jean jacket and a white tang top. A piece of hair from the front of her face is sticking out. This model is going up a staircase.

The bottom half of the ad from both pages displays the different types of sneakers Sketcher’s brand makes. I think this is the most effective part of the ad because you can actually see the shoes in closer detail. If one would be flipping through a magazine, and came across this ad, the first thing you would look at would be the shoes displayed at the bottom of the page because that is what is interesting to the reader.

Context (interpretation)

This particular ad could be found in a girl teenage magazine, such as Seventeen, Young and Modern, etc. You would never find this ad in a news related magazine, like Time and Newsweek, because it does not really pertain to the magazine. Usually advertisements in a magazine relate to that particular type of magazine. For example, a car magazine would not advertise makeup or clothing, it would advertise products for a car or new car models.

Sketchers Sport Footwear has similar ads to the one described above. This particular one shows a girl running and half of her body is also faded. The ad also shows a picture of girl, a pair of sneakers, and another girl going down the stairs. The bottom of the page shows three different shoe models.

Culture (application)



I find this to be a really weird ad because it’s about a car, yet it doesn’t even show it. Volkswagen is adverstiseing their “dual-illuminated vanity mirrors”, and they have done a good job because they do so by showing a very clear image of what I believe, is a street in a big city like new York or Chicago. I like to think of it as being a street in New York City because, it’s one of my favorite places in the United States and I can relate the ad to my few visits. It’s a fascinating place to be. This is a reason this ad caught my attention…I was drawn to this dull image of a dirty city. It is dirty because it is New York, for crying out loud!

The main part of the ad is an ashy type red brick building used as the background. Perpendicular to it are four different buildings of multiple heights. The ad throws in a white bulding in order to prevent it from blending in with the building in the background. It would provide confusion to the reader. The main street where are the building stand is blocked by a the top half of a taxi cab…the part where there is a sign with the cab number on it. …this taxi cab is faded because the ad doesn’t want it to be the “main” part of the ad. But it just sits there. Having this taxi cab here with a dumpster next to it, is another reason to make me believe the city being portrayed is New York.

I find it ironic for a company to make this type of advertisement for a car. Most car advertisements have an image of the actual car for the reader to perceive. But it seems as though the main point Volkswagen wants to make is that the car has fourty standard features, one of them being the dual image vanity mirrors. This is why the picture in the ad is so clear. They are telling the reader that what they see through their vanity mirror is a clear image, as seen in the ad. It is very clear…even the light posts are clear and impeccably perfect, but messy.

I have never seen this ad in another magazine before, but if it appears in a fitness related magazine, then it has a high chance of appearing in any type of magazine, except maybe a children’s magazine, such as Highlight, because children are not interested in


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