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Arrangement of Statuettes and Goldingfs Thinking Grades

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The Venus of Milo, the leopard, and the Rodinfs Thinker-these are the statuettes mentioned in Goldingfs grading of thinking. His arrangement of statuettes changed three times in the essay, and they describe his changed attitudes toward thinking very well.

Goldingfs first interpretation of the statuettes illustrates his total ignorance. He didnft even know the names and meaning of them. At the same time, that he had no idea of what thinking was is well represented by the fact that the arrangement of statuettes was made by the headmaster, not Golding, in contrast to the other two. He did not think, just given the disposition and sermons, feeling or thinking nothing about them. He could not understand anything, looking only the surface of statuettes and othersf behavior. At this stage, he was worse than a third-grade thinker. Here, it is symbolized that he was not prepared to think.

Then, Golding gradually came to speculate everything that wass told, meanly, what was believed to be gthoughth, that is, grade-three thinking. Grade-three thinkers say what sounds very true, but what indeed contains gunconscious prejudice, ignorance and hypocrisy.h He saw everything with scornful eyes, finding incoherence in othersf actions. He made fun out of what others believed is serious, as is expressed in the allocation of statuettes. By making Thinker stand in the place where it looked down the sexy Venus, it is represented that grade-two thinking is as fun as peeking womenfs naked bodies. Also, that he did not mention the leopard means that at the time, he did not notice the harm grade-two thinking did yet. However, grade-two thinking is almost good-for-nothing. Although grade-two thinkers can detect hidden paradox of virtual statements, they only criticize others and they themselves do not think at all. Condemning is itself satisfying and we indulge ourselves in it without thinking gcreativelyh.

Finally, discovering this contradiction in himself, Golding moved toward grade-one thinking. Grade-two thinking ends with the question gwhat is truth?h which means that there is no truth. In contrast, grade-one thinkers start thinking with that question. The last rearrangement of statuettes expresses his notion that Thinker, who seems to be thinking very seriously, is actually a grade-three thinker who just feels, or possibly a grade-two thinker and that behind those ways of thinking hides a leopard, dangerous poison to onefs thinking, gthe nature of what is commonly called thoughth and gthe compulsive hand of natureh- ignorance, prejudice, and hypocrisy.

Thinking as a Hobby Golding, William

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