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All My Sons

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All My Sons

Questions (p. 16-)

1. Chris invites Annie because he wants to ask her to marry him.

. Mother believes that Larry is still alive and he is missing in action.

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. Chris work for his father and he doesnt enjoy it, he feels stuck.

4. Mother wants that Joe act (pretend) like Larry is coming back.

5. We know that the Kellers have money because they have a maid. Also because Keller says that they have money …Now I got money, and I got a maid… (p. 0-1).


7. She means that Annie still waiting for Larry.

8. Mother dreamt that Larry is flying above their house, he falling down and calling to her desperately.

. The tree planted when Larry disappeared - three years ago.

10. Chris wants everybody to forget Larry - Larry is dead.

1. At the beginning of the play, Keller is presented as a man who works hard all his life for his family. He is uneducated but had a common sense, which make him a man among men.

. The fact that the tree blew down is significant because that was the same day that Annie come and the same week that Larry disappeared.

. Kate wants to find out whether November 5 is Larrys favorable day.

4. Jims work made him a little bit of a sad person

5. As a wife, Sue is a jealous, sarcastic woman.

6. Chris thinks his mother should understand that Larry is gone, dead.

TrueFalse (p. 4-1)

1. False - Kate doesnt like the jail game, she thinks that a stupid game. Kate feels like that because Keller was in jail and it reminds her that.

. True.

. True.

4. False - Ann says that her parents will live together when her father get out of jail.

5. True.

6. False - Larry has been missing for three and a half years.

7. False - Ann doesnt let Kate to bulldoze her, shes pretty sure that Larry is not coming back.

8. False - Anns father, Steve, is still in jail.

. False - Frank will finish the horoscope later.

10. True.

11. True.

1. False - Keller was in jail for a while, but he came out, he got himself exonerated.

1. 1 P-40s crashed in Australia.

14. True.

15. True.

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