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Mary Everest Boole

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Mary Everest Boole was born in 18 in England. At the age of five, Mary’s family moved to France due to the serious illness of Mary’s father, Dr. Thomas Everest. It was during these years that Mary began learning math from her tutor, Monsieur Deplace. His way of teaching made it easy for Mary to comprehend her studies. At the age of eleven, Mary’s family moved back to England where Mary was taken out of school to become her fathers assistant. Her father was a minister. Mary taught a Sunday School class and sometimes helped her father with his sermons. But, Mary didn’t end studying. She used her father’s books to teach herself calculus. She liked math, but Mary couldn’t get any of her unanswered questions solved. When Mary went to visit her aunt and uncle in Cork, Western Ireland, she got her questions answered. Her uncle, George Everest, introduced Mary to George Boole, a famous mathematician. Mary cherished her time with Boole. George tutored Mary in math and she learned so much from him. After she went back to England, Mary wrote to Boole. Two years later, George came to England to teach Mary more math. Also at this time, George was writing a book, Laws of Thought, and Mary contributed mainly as an editor.

A few years later, Marys father died and George was a great friend throughout this difficult time in Marys life. From this, a serious relationship grew, and in 1855, they married. They had a successful marriage. Mary and George had five daughters named Mary, Margaret, Alicia, Lucy, and Ethel in the next nine years. But sadly, this happiness didn’t last long. George caught pneumonia and died in 1864 leaving Mary devastated and left alone with her youngest child of six months old.

The next year, Mary took a job at Queens College. During this era, women couldn’t receive degrees or teach at the college, so Mary acquired a job as a librarian. Soon, Mary was an unofficial mentor to the students. She realized that she was good at teaching.

In time, Mary started to teach children. Even the Head of the London Board of Education recognized Mary as an outstanding teacher. A pupil wrote later on, I thought we were being amused not taught. But after I left I found Mary had given us a power. We can think for ourselves, and find out what we want to know.

Mary had to leave her job at the college because there was controversy over one of the books she had written. Mary became a secretary to her fathers associate, James Hinton. Through Hinton, Mary became fascinated about evolution and the art of thinking. She thought that it was possible to convey all basic ideas of the universe with numbers and symbols. At the age of 50, Mary began writing a series of books and articles, publishing them regularly until the time of her death. She also created string geometry in order to assist children learning about the geometry of angles and spaces.

As time went on, Marys physical condition began to deteriorate. In 116 at the age of 84, she passed away. Mary Everest Boole was an astonishing woman who raised her five daughters alone and made immeasurable contributions towards the mathematical teaching of numerous girls and boys.

Considering herself a mathematical psychologist, Mary’s goal was to strive understand how people, and especially children, learned mathematics and science, using the reasoning parts of their minds, their physical bodies, and their unconscious processes. Many of Mary Booles contributions can be seen in classrooms across the globe today.


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