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Going home

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Alexander, while walking in Toronto, reminisces the constant stream of people outside the Renco mining boarding grounds. He tells how the security guard rejects the constant groups of people trying to gain entry to the grounds. All kinds of lame excuses (p17) are used by the outsiders, though nothing renders the guard to let them in.

One day he and his brother outside the camping ground relieving themselves of their work duties are drawn to a familiar Gaelic tune. They come upon a stranger named James MacDonald. Because he is MacDonald, and part of the clan’, Calum smuggles his so called ‘cousin’ into the compound and offers him food. After eating he continues to play his fiddle. The music is soothing and the clan plays their instruments to accompany him, surprisingly the French Canadians join in.

Despite the French Canadians and the clan’s tensions with each other, the two group’s differently cultured rhythms and tempo provide a friendly unifying experience.

The supervisor of mines calls a stop to the music and demands that the stranger leaves the grounds, though Calum arranges his newfound relative to work in the mines with the rest of the clan. However due to James’ build and strength he retires and leaves the compound. A thank you gift left for Calum and Alexander for their hospitality.


Analysis The theme of ‘looking after your own blood’ is again reinforced in a manner of accepting a strange that had the same surname as the rest of clan. However there is a twist, James is not actually Scottish but Indian. Nonetheless blood ties ignore the difference in race. Calum giving money to him for James’ work shift, which he can barely manage, further emphasize the helping nature of Calum.

The music and songs the French Canadians and the clan plays are also significant and a contrasting point as the music unify the miners, despite language difficulties and cultural barriers.

This scene is somewhat ironic as we see both clans interacting musically as a new member is introducing to the ‘Clann Chalum Ruaidh’. Later on, where the American Alexander Macdonald is present, another stranger where Calum brings into the compound, a fight scene erupts and Calum kills Picard. While in the first case, Calum is gifted by James with the moose meat, Calum is betrayed as the American Alexander is guilty of stealing the French Canadians possessions.

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