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tree houses

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Rotting boards hanging from the branches a tree or the remains of someones abandoned tree house, cause an instant flash back to childhood. These creations of wood and nails can capture the imagination of the child that resides in everyone, and they have never ceased to appeal to young children. Tree houses offer an important outlet for thousands of people around the world. Construction of tree houses should be encouraged as an artistic learning opportunity for both children and adults alike. Anyone can choose to build a tree house for his or her children or even themselves. However building a tree house that is both aesthetic and functional requires the proper site selection, careful construction, and proper planning.

Selecting the proper site is imperative to both the appearance and function of the tree house. The proper height is required for the construction of the tree house. The higher the tree house is the greater the sense of freedom and the more fulfilling the views of the ground will be. However, safety must be the first priority- in terms of prevention of falls, controlling the wind speeds, and insuring the quality of support. Tree houses built for children are better suited close to the ground, more then meters from the ground. This minimizes the danger caused by a fall, because accidents happen. Trees can move quite a bit in the wind without the added weight of a tree house so an improperly constructed tree house will irritate the situation. In a normal situation (without the tree house attached to it), a tree can compensate for the wind by loosing some of its leaves or branches. If the house must be built in a high wind area, it needs to be built in the lower portion of the tree, where wind speeds are lower. If wind poses a serious danger, then the proper branch thickness is required.

Branch thickness is essential to the strength of the tree house. The branches must be strong enough to support the size of house that is being built. Facilitating the construction becomes simpler with few long supports and when using many small supports. Though will longer supports more attachments are needed across different trees. However, the strength of the branch varies from tree species to tree species, there are some guidelines that you can follow. The best trees to use are oak, beech, maple, fir, and hemlock. These trees will generally support any type of tree house you build. However, the strength not only varies from species to species, but from tree to tree, so test each tree carefully to insure that the project come out to the specified design.

Careful construction of the tree house grantees that it will be both eye pleasing and safe. When building the tree house there must be a plan to follow. It is very easy to want to add or take away pieces while the house is being built. By having, a blue print already drawn up the work is accomplished with fewer problems. Depending on the size and complexity of the tree house, a professional can help. Professional planning insures that the tree house will

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be constructed carefully. There are few companies that offer assistance for such a small project, but research will pay off. One company that is a great resource is Patrick Fultons Construction Company.

The actual construction of the tree house takes skill and patience. If professional help is not necessary then it is imperative that the house is built with care. Using the right equipment, besides the obvious hammer and nails, is important. There is a simple machine for example called a donkey that will assist with all heavy lifting.

Finally managing the tree house after it is built is necessary to maintain an eye catching house. Trees continue to grow even after they are built on. The tree will require trimming and will also require proper use, which means taking care not to damage the bark or important branches. In addition, the tree house must continually check to make sure the structural integrity is intact.

As the popularity of tree houses spreads people need to be educated on the proper was of constructing them. Every little boy who desires a place of refuge, for adults who loves to build, the tree house is the perfect thing for them. The building of tree houses must be preserved, and it should be preserved with the proper knowledge of how to construct them. If the knowledge is not passed then a part of childhood as it is know will be lost with it.

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