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romeo and juliet

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English Coursework (En ) Original Writing

As Time Goes By

You might think that reliving you life over and over again would be “good, great or fantastic”. You know having the chance to relive all the bad things that you have done, so that you can make the world a better world for you and the people around, well it wouldn’t be that bad. Yes it would! Imagine it one morning-you are thirty something and then the next day you wake up as a little child, having the same dreams over and over, watching family members die on you knowing that you could not do anything to save them, it would be like “Hell on Earth“. Please don’t let this story change your mind on any thing.

“The last train from Manchester Piccadilly will be arriving shortly. Sorry for the delay.” It is eleven forty five pm at Manchester Piccadilly. The travel announcer has just made people that little bit more edgy and many people are furious as the last train is running much later than expected. One person in particular who is anxious is Mr. Hank Kenwood. He is currently waiting to get home to see his little girl and recently divorced wife.

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Hank has just received a call from his ex-wife, Yvonne. “Eleven forty five pm, on a Christmas Eve and I missed the last train because instead of putting me the seat reserve, GMT put Sean Kenwood and they wouldn’t let me on even though that seat was not taken and I had proof that I booked the seat, so now I have got to pay sixty two pounds on a new ticket. I would just appreciate it if they would give me a refund.”

“Sorry for the Delay but due to technical problems the train will be later than expected, free sandwiches will be made available for all passengers waiting for the last train from Manchester Station”. Just as things were about to get out of hand, the passengers found out the real reason of this Delay. Earlier that night a young woman had slipped on the electric rails whilst crossing the tracks on the southern line she was burnt beyond recognition and because of the short circuit via her body several power transformers had exploded, service engineers where working furiously to restore power.

As Hank Kenwood listened to the horrific news, it dawned on him that he had heard the story before but he just could not place it, so being the person that he was he just ignored it and carried on. The thought had not even crossed his mind that maybe he had heard the news at the same time, same place but he was reliving it. Obviously it would take many stranger coincidental goings on to make Hank see.

Two hours had past and a loud distorted voice came out of the speaker phone but it did not appear the Travel Announcer, “Good evening passenger this is a public announcement brought to you by the station manager, for you convenience power has now been restored to the Southern line, the train shall be arriving shortly, thank you for your patience and sorry for the delay.” Everyone cheered, as it was now possible for him or her to travel to their destination. Hank, on the other hand, was seriously confused and then under his breath he whispered, “I’ve heard this all before. It’s like Deja- vu or quite possi........... Well quite possibly my life is repeating itself, but how? What happened for it to do so?”. Hank felt distorted and confused but he knew if this were true, that he was repeating his life then there would be nothing he or anyone could do. It would be left to destiny to decide his fate.

The train by now had arrived and Hank got on despite being very wary of what might happen to him. Every bump on the train felt like a collision or a smash. His heart thumped like drums being struck at full whack. Finally Hank decided that there was no way he would stay on this stressful and horrific journey, but it was too late, as Hank was just about to stand up. There was a loud thud and then a smash, so he looked out the window and all he saw was the bridge getting further away. Like many other people on the train, he was screaming for dear life and he had fallen out of his seat.

Suddenly, there was nothing-total silence, no screams no life and there was no one moving on the train. The train lay motionless on the side of a riverbank. This was Hank’s destiny, but if it were true that he would relive his life then just maybe if he got the signs early enough then he could change his destiny.

“The last train from Manchester Piccadilly will be arriving shortly. Sorry for the delay”


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