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"On The Road", Dean Morriarty

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Dean Morriarty Essay

Great fiction depends on strong characters and characterization and Jack Kerouac’s signature novel “On The Road” presents two major characters, each a projection of aspects of the writer. This novel is a striking description of life at that time. The focal point of the narrative is Dean Morriarty, a fictional representation of the real life Neal Cassidy.

Jack Kerouac documented his journeys across America in the guise of Sal paradise. His novel was a fascinating tail of adventure, people, and life. The writing style, train of thought directly to paper, makes this book seem that much more real and unique. Sal wants to get out and trek across the country and go where ever life may lead him. His primary motivation behind this “quest” is the one and only Dean Morriarty.

Dean Morriarty is introduced to us through the thoughts, the feelings and the visions of Sal Paradise, further filtered by the lens of memory. The first impression of Dean is “of a young Gene Autry - trim, thin hipped, blue eyed, with a real Oklahoma accent � a side burned hero of the snowy west.” Dean’s million-mile-an-hour lifestyle attracts Sal to the point where he drives across the country to see him. Sal changes his views on dean several times as the story progresses.

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Dean Morriarty is the sort of person who has to be on the go all the time. “Dean just raced in society, eager for bread and love; he didn’t care one way or another.” This just show’s that Dean is exuberant and a guy with not a care in the world, he is a man who does what he wants when he wants.

The book covers in four parts and an epilogue, the accounts of four trips inspired by Dean. These turn more fast-paced, frantic, and breathless depending on Sal’s involvement with Dean. Like when Dean meets Carlo Marx, Sal drop’s back and watch’s them. Having grown up without being subdued to parental supervision, or school, Dean could escape societal indoctrination and become a “hero of the snowy west.” Irresponsibility marks his peculiar individualism pared with an obvious disrespect for private property. When Dean is offered the chance to steal a tank of gasoline he does not hesitate to forgo payment. He is an outside and he associates with the outcasts of society, while he continues to search for his father in the skid rows.

However, while searching for his father, Dean Morriarty is selfish, inconsiderate, and ostentatious, “an undecipherable puzzle of contradictions.” This could be because his mother died early, Which meant Dean travelled with his father, a footloose drunkard, all over the west during his boyhood, from city to city, from skid-row to skid-row, and this is how Dean avoided being swallowed up by “America and its ridiculous system of order and laws.”

Dean’s radiant energy attracts Sal, the writer looking for a topic, “the ecstatic and rugged joy of pure being.” Is Deans driving force? He is married to women at once, without feeling more than a sexual attention to all of them. He is a personification of free will, called “mad” by Sal who admires and is repelled by Dean’s subjectivity which challenges any official authority. For dean, sex was the one and only important thing in life.

Dean is the most lovable, annoying, happy, undependable character in the novel. He is everything in one, the hero, the antagonist, and the conflict. He is the character that everyone loves to hate.

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