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Positives and Negatives of Organizational Automation

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Positives and Negatives of Organizational Automation

There are several organizational tools my business division incorporates to improve communication and retrieve data. Through the use of office automation and group collaboration, software enhances the collaboration of teams and workgroups in the business enterprise. It is these two utilities that will be explored.

The first and most obvious communication enhancement utilized by the company is email. Specifically, email allows for mass mailing to all parts of the company. There are several advantages to email. Both written and text files can be exchanged. Also proposals and multimedia can be mass distributed. Our company also utilizes Lotus Notes division-wide. This allows for easy access to a secured emailing system within the company. This secure network also allows for an internal database that can be used for information retrieval. Our particular database network is also adjusted for telephone input. All employees can log time, take sick leave, determine their health care coverage, and have their paychecks itemized after the computer system auto-deposits them. Managers can also access the system and control time sheet lockouts, pay grades, and monthly totals,--all over the phone. The database system itself must have a connection in order to be of use. To fulfill this need, a Local Area Network (LAN) is erected at all work sites. Through this LAN goes virtually all data and communications within, between, and beyond the work sites. Of course, the LAN is not the only device needed to make communication at this level possible. Also in use for every PC is a network interface card. The advantage to the interface card is the ability to plug the computer into anywhere and utilize the network. To allow multiple computers to work on the network, a server is necessary to process all the information required. The advantage to this network is ability for many users to work at the same time. The opportunities for work efficiency to increase, multiply directly with the increase in the number of online users. As productivity increases other concerns must be addressed with increasing speed and access. Security from users outside the network become a risk. As a result, intranets have been created. By providing access to a limited number of users within the network, secure transfer of information can exist in my network. With the establishment of firewall software into the network, secured access outside the network becomes possible and the exchange of information multiples.

Other applications can be used through the network. Data and information transfer are not the only use of the network. Communication via data and voice conferencing are also an important tool. These devices allow real-time connectivity to others. Ideas and data can be exchanged instantaneously. With the addition of video conferencing my company can interact with any other system in the world. The most important part of this computer system, ironically, is that it makes long distance communication more human.

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Of course all this hardware cannot run without proper software support. Lotus notes is example used by my company. All phone intergraded systems must also use software. This is software developed by my company for specific use. One example is the TES. For the life of me I have no idea what this stands for, nor does anyone else I have found. TES is an employee/manager system that tracks employee hours, pay grade, holidays, etc. It is completely automated and telephone usable as well as internet accessible. Most of the developed software the company uses is internet based. Through the company website almost all internal and human resources are centralized into one site. This site is called CSC Portal. With Portal an employee can access work history, healthcare options, learning options, and job opportunities within the company, just to name a few. With in Portal there are other developed softwares like E-Stub that track paychecks and auto deposits for correctness.

In summation, the hardware and software developed and purchased by my company are utilized for the their speed, data gathering capabilities, and communication options. As with all things there are negative effects with new technology. The most important resource lost with new hardware and software is time. Time is valuable in the form of man hours. New software takes time to learn and hardware needs constant updating and monitoring. With the loss of any components within the system, there generally occurs a loss of productivity and with that a loss of time.

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