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October Sky

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This movie is based on a true story which takes place in

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West Virginia in 157. The movie October Sky begins with the launching

of Sputnik. Ms. Rileys class sits and listens as Sputnik flies

through outerspace. This captures the attention of a student named

Quentin. Quentin is not liked by most of the other students because

he is smart and considered a geek. After seeing Quentins passion

for science and rocket building fellow student Homer Hickam Jr.

becomes interested. Homer asks Quentin one day in lunch if he

could teach him everything he knew about rocket building. This upset his

friends Roy Lee and Odell because they believed talking to Quentin could

be devastating to their reputation. Finally, Homer convinced his friends to

help. They began to build rockets and try new and effective ways to

get them to fly. In the process, they blew up Elsies (Homers Mom) new

picket fence. Without the approval of John Hickam the boys still continue

to rocket build. The eventually set up a rocket building laboratory in

Homers basement. They realize that they need help with welding and

sanding on their rockets so they ask for the help of employees at the

coal mine. After the launch of their first rocket Auk I they are told not to

launch anymore rockets on company property and not to seek the help

of the employees. Everyday they hike 8 miles to get off company

property to launch rockets. They make a launch pad at an abandoned

dump site which they call Cape Coalwood. After stealing railroad

tracks and and making explosives in the chemistry lab they have a launch

and many of the people from the town come. This is the first rocket to fly

in a semi- straight pattern and not explode. On Homers 16th birthday he

recieves an autographed picture from Werner Von Brahn who has been

his inspiration in all of his rocket building. This upsets his father because

he believes Homer is wasting his time with rocket building. After many

rocket launchings they become known as the rocket boys. A man

from a college comes to talk to the Hickams and offers Jim a

scholarship in football. One day while at school, the police come

and take the boys because they are believed to have set a fire in the

woods by a rocket. Ms. Riley becomes upset because she doesnt think

children should be sitting in hand cuffs. At the coal mine there is an

explosion which kills one and wounds others. Homers father is critically

injured and is sent to the hospital. The doctors tell them they dont know

if he will be able to see out of his left eye ever again. Homer decides to

quit school and work in the mine since is father and brother are unable

to. Homer works in the mine until his father comes back and he quits.

He decides to go back to school and begin rocket building again.

This upsets his father and he puts all of his rocket equipment in the rain.

After studying very extensively he is able to prove that they didnt start

the fire. They later find out that the fire was set by an airplane flare.

The boys decide to enter the state science fair and win.

They are then able to go and compete in the nationals in Washington D.C.

They are told by the principal that they can only afford to send one and

Homer is elected to go. While setting up the rocket display, he realizes his

rockets internal combustion chamber has been stolen. He calls home

and asks if they can send him a new one. His dad works on one

and sends it to him. Homer goes to the awards ceremony and finds

out that they won the national science fair. As he is walking through

the crowd he shaked Werner Von Brahns hand, but he wasnt aware of

who it was until a reporter told him. When Homer returns many of his

fellow Big Creek peers were there to greet him. He goes and visits Ms.

Riley at the hospital who has been sick with Hodgskins disease.

She tells him that she is very proud of him and every year she is

going to tell her students about them. The next day, they have a final

rocket launch and Ms. Riley is able to see it from her hospital window.

John Hickam came and launched the last rocket.

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