Saturday, May 5, 2012

Morality in Today's Society

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In this section of the course, morality plays a big part. I thought that this section was one of the best sections to talk about. Morality really opens my mind about ethics and how philosophy works around ethics. Morality is the quality of being in accord with standards of right or good conduct. Morality is one of my favorite subjects because that is how I see things in life. If my friend is doing something that affects others in a negative way then it hurts me based on the rules within morality. Throughout this chapter I have learned new way’s of thinking. Such as, moral non-objectivism, which is the view that no moral claims are objectively true. I believe I have turned into a moral objectivist throughout the course only because I am very positive and a self-proclaimed optimist. Some moral claims are objectively true based on my feelings. The way I perceive other people behaviors towards certain statements. Utilitarianism is one the greatest philosophical ideas because maximizing happiness will always be the best solution for most individuals. However, for others with certain mental struggles and deal with issue of murder, killing people might make them happiest. Therefore, in this situation I do not feel this idea would work. Now, if utilitarianism was slightly modified a bit to the extent that you can only maximize you happiness based on the moral belief that only your happiness can come from the world’s moral perspective of good conduct, then I think good conduct and right behavior can be the expected result.

I think that Buddha is one of the most influential figures because he was able to detach himself from desire in an effort to experience enlightenment. Buddha’s story is very intriguing and has proven it very inspirational to many humans. I believe that the one, who has these most will power, can achieve what Buddha did. In today’s world people only, want two things; money and power. That is how sad this world has become. Most people just try to fit in merely to gain acceptance from others. For example, I have noticed a friend of mine trying very hard to fit in with our peers by changing his personality to match other styles. When he is in a group, he will act like a chameleon to match their personality so that he does not have to feel outcast. This example is of a person with deep interpersonal problems that he is having difficulty dealing with. The only way to deal with these problems is to accept these feelings and remember who they are at the core of their being. By accepting who you are, you learn to realize that we are all under a certain moral code, which will ultimately bring about happiness and eliminate the challenges of life.

In conclusion, moral objectivism, non-moral objectivism and utilitarianism are all very good ideas pertaining to morality. My favorite idea is that of the utilitarian thought. I strongly believe that people should do whatever if takes to maximize their own happiness as long as they remain moral about their approach. This unit has really helped me to understand morality and how it works to affect individual lives and the world in which we live.

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