Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Health of Polar Bears

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Polar bears are increasingly becoming a rare species. We need to protect the fragile environment that they inhabit with the utmost care.

Let us deal with the points one by one. Firstly the effect of the ozone layer depletion. As more and more CFC ( Carbon Fluro Carbons ) are released in to the atmosphere the amount of ozone in the ozone layer. Thus increasing the amount of harmful radiation entering the planet. This leads to a rise in global temperatures. Also with the release of green house gases into the atmosphere in huge quantities the global temperature rise beomes significant. Now as we all know that a slight increase in global temperatures can reduce the polar ice caps by a significant margin, hence the fagile eco system of the polar bears, which are found only in north pole, is in grave danger.

Also recently it has been observed that the levels of PCBs in the worlds oceans have risen significantly in the last decade. The currents also have a tendency of carrying these poisonous chemicals towards the poles. Thus increasing the concentration of these harmful chemicals in these eco systems to beyond alarming levels. These chemicals then pass into the food chain affecting all the animals in it. Polar bears happen to be on top of the food chain. Hence receive the most concentrated doses of these chemicals. The worst part is that these chemicals cause impotency. Without this given problem polar bears have a very low multiplication rate. Thus significantly increasing their chances of extinction.

Hopefully, with international awareness growing and with opinion stongly in favour of presevation of these magnificient animals, something fruitful will turn up in the not so distant future. Otherwise we have pushed these Gods Gifts way past the brink of extinction.

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