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China during the Cold WAr

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When the Japanese invaded China in 17, a civil war was raging between the Nationalists and the Communists. The Communists held an advantage in northwestern China with the help of their leader, Mao Zedong. They won Chinese peasants’ loyalty by preparing them for war, putting forth effort to teach literacy, and improved food production. This section of the Chinese army controlled much of northern China by 145.

During the Communists’ success in northeast China, the Nationalist forces dominated southwestern China with the help of their leader, Jiang Jieshi. Jiang assembled a .5 million-man army to prepare to fight Communists. The United States, from 14 to 145, assisted the Nationalist army by sending them $1.5 billion to help fight the Japanese. However, these supplies and money often ended up in the hands of few dishonest officers. The Nationalist army, fighting few battles against the Japanese, continued to save its strength for the upcoming battle against the Communist Army. As soon as the Japanese surrendered, the Nationalists and Communists were in a civil war.

This civil war lasted from 146 to 14. At first, the Nationalists enjoyed a considerable advantage by outnumbering the Communists; army by as much as three to one. In addition, the United States provided nearly $ billion more to help.

Despite all these advantages, the Nationalist forces did little to win support from the people. China’s economy was collapsing and thousands of Nationalist soldiers changed to the Communists’ side. China’s major cities fell to the Communists forces one by one by the spring of 14.

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Mao’s Communist troops were enthusiastic about his promised return of land to the peasants. The remaining Nationalist army fled south, shamed of the Jiang’s doings. In October 14, Mao Zedong gained control of the whole country. He announced it the People’s Republic of China. Jiang and other Nationalist leaders retreated to Taiwan.

Mao Zedong’s victory fueled United States anti-Communist feelings. Those feelings only grew after the Chinese and Soviets signed a treaty of friendship in February of 150. Many people in the United States saw the takeover of China as progress to a Communist campaign to conquer the world.

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