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The world in a grain of sand

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Exams can be very stressful, explaining the feelings that people go though at ‘exam time’ can be difficult, but I will try throughout this essay to apply and describe those feelings at exam time.

Exams are stressful to the people that sit them and to the parents of the ‘kids’ that make them study and work hard. The first time I sat my exams, was no different. Stressful. On the day on my very first standard grade exam, English, it was more exciting than stressful, the excitement came from deep down but the exams were supposed to be stressful. Although nobody expressed it, people were nervous.

After the first exam, people ‘thought it was hard’ but again deep down they were only trying to be ‘tough’ to there peers.

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Although I seem to do the same, my feelings towards the exam system, had changed, when I got the results though. My results were not as I had expected, in fact they were better than I had expected. The ‘aftermath’ of the results was the interesting. The parties and the ‘well done’ cards were probably the best thing when sitting the exams, the feelings of relief and satisfaction are strong, and are very different from when sitting the exams. People tend never to forget there first major exam, as it will set them up for the rest of there life’s, as it did for me.

Feelings are what humans are special for feelings are what make us unique, people are created in there own why, by how they interact with other people, by what feelings you have for that person. Exams create these feelings as well, bust people are never sure on what feelings to express in a situation where most people are nervous, but you are excited, that is where most people might feel, uncomfortable. As for me I was never sure what emotions to express, I may have burst out laughing but I had to (If I had bust out laughing) consider the consequences of my actions. I may make people feel even more nervous, if I start laughing. I am the quite person, not much room to talk much when I am nervous I tend to sit quietly and say nothing, but when it comes to the time where I must put my emotions and feelings aside, I just do it.

When the first exam was over people had time to reflect on the exam and discuss it, before going home to study for the next one. The first exam will never be the last one.

The exams can be stressful for the parents as well, while they are always checking up making sure they are working hard enough to get what we need for out future, but what parents may not realise that they may be adding to the stress of the exams, as I experienced, my parents would always pester me to go and study for them, but what they may not have realised it that they’re putting more pressure on me, then the exams will have ever done, but you have to sympathise with them, they only want the best for me, but not always realising that they are mainly the stress of exams.

In the end people will over come there fears of doing things the more you do it, it is the same with exams, throughout your life exams will be sat to gain further education, qualifications, and people will ‘enjoy’ exams and the last will always be like the first. Petrifying

In conclusion. It is possible to overcome your feelings and emotions and get on with it but people have sometimes no way of expressing those feelings or if they do they may do it a the wrong time, and I think exams help you overcome those fears, feelings and emotion

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