Saturday, April 7, 2012

why me?

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The other day I was walking to Kutz to drop off some forms . I was already in a crabby mood and the woman that assisted me did not help make my day any brighter. The forms that I had brought to the office were in need of two forms of ID and not just one. Well this story has two aspects to it. The initial trip I made to the office the woman told me that just my license was an insufficient amount of identification and that I needed a second form such as a social security card, passport... etc. This meant that I would have to walk to my dorm room and dig up a little piece of paper and walk all the way back up to Kutz. The mere thought of having to walk back up the hill made me want to pass out right there in front of the office window. Somehow I gathered enough strength to go to my room find a copy of my social security card and begin my slow walk back up to the Kutz building. When I returned to the office window the same woman who helped me out the first time that was pretty nice was now absent and replaced by another woman who I recall seeing the day before. This woman had assisted me just the day earlier so I figured that she might even remember me. I handed her my papers and then my ID’s . She quickly pushed them all back in my face. It turns out that my license, student ID and copy of my social security weren’t adequate . “You need your original social security card” she sternly voiced . This wasn’t happening. She wasn’t going to cut me any slack. I know she remembered me, she had to have. Couldn’t she just look up my file or something? I also wondered if she even noticed I was incredibly fatigued and perspiring . A feeling of intense rage ran through me at that point. Yes I would have to admit the thought of jumping over the counter and punching the woman in the face crossed my mind but of course I could never do that and instead I just mumbled under my breath and left.

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