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Three Mile Island

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Three Mile Island is a nuclear power plant that had been quietly generating electricity in the middle of the Susquehanna River. Three Mile Island is located ten miles from the state capital of Harrisburg; the plant is also within one hundred miles of Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Washington D.C.

On March 8, 17, a reactor at Three Mile Island nuclear power plant suddenly overheated, releasing radioactive gases. The accident started at the plant’s unit two reactor. A small valve did not close causing cooling water to drain from the nuclear core. Plant operators shut off the emergency water system that would have cooled the core. When contaminated water leaked into an adjoining building and began to release radioactive gases inside the plant. Three Mile Island’s supervisor declared the first general emergency ever to arise at a nuclear power plant in the United States.

The public heard about the accident in a radio report. The utility company said that the situation was manageable. The Lieutenant Governor told everyone the situation was under control, and no radiation had been released. When he left the press conference he found out that radiation had been released. Officials from the Mayors offices to the Oval Office worried about complications that would spread radioactivity on the communities around Three Mile Island.

Residents were very frightened; they were faced with the decision to pack up their belongings and leave town or stay and wait it out. The authorities feared setting off a public hysteria and sending two counties racing toward each other across a bridge. March 0, 17 the Governor felt he had no choice, but to advise pregnant women, and small children to leave the area. That announcement sent a wave of panic. More than 140,000 people left their communities scared, emotionally drained, and only half of their belongings. After five grueling days the engineers were able to get the situation under control. They tuned the cooling water back on and more than 40,000 curies of radioactive gases were vented from the reactor building in preparation for cleanup crews.

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The events that happened at Three Mile Island were very scary. I certainly hope that this situation will never happen in my community; however it is not impossible. Technology is one of the best things that has happened for us in the United States. It helps in schools, healthcare, businesses, law enforcement, entertainment, aviation, and a host full of other professions. When something malfunctions in technology it can be very difficult to find the root of the problem in a timely manner. Technology is very unpredictable so it is very important to have a back up plan. It is also very important that the people working with any type of technology are well trained, and have the correct credentials. Malfunctions can occur with anything operated by computers, because nothing is one hundred percent accurate.

Technology is moving faster than the public is willing to understand or can understanding. Most people do not agree well with change; I feel our responsibility, as a community is to keep up with technology and demand to be told when there is a problem, and to be educated on new and improved technology. I believe that it is very important to vote and to take voting seriously, because the people you elect will be the people you count on to make good decisions on the community’s behalf, and the person who is responsible for making sure you get correct and accurate information.

What happened at Three Mile Island could not have been predicted, but when the meltdown did occur it would have been very helpful that the engineers were prepared. would have eased the minds of the community had it appeared that all of the authorities were working together and sharing the same information.

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