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Cost is the number one factor in deciding whether to develop programming languages in house, outsource, or purchase off the shelf. For this reason, Verizon purchases its programming software off the shelf. We have many skilled individuals capable of developing the software we need using these pre-designed programming languages. In this paper we will take a brief look at each of the programming languages mentioned above.

Visual Basic

Visual Basic (VB) is a product made by Microsoft to allow the common person to easily make full featured and powerful Windows Programs. Database programs, ActiveX controls, fully Network Capable Client/Server programs, almost anything.

VB originally came out with version 1.0 (as most programs do) back in the days of windows .0. Visual Basic has since become part of a collection of programming tools from Microsoft called Visual Studio. Common versions in use are VB .0, VB 4.0 and VB 5.0. Also there is the Standard, Professional, and Enterprise editions. Standard is for the common individual who would like to use VB. It is missing many features you may want, as you get better at using VB. Professional is probably the best version to get. It includes most features anyone would want, it has more samples, and it is more powerful. The Enterprise edition includes everything the others do but adds ability to do heavy-duty Database programming, Client/Server programming (Business Networks) and Three Tier programming

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Microsoft (MS) SQL Server is a client/server relational database system. Client/server, also referred to as distributed computing, means that all of the data processing of the program does not occur on a single computer. With SQL server, the database engine part of the program resides on a designated server computer, whereas the other part of the program, the client interface resides on a user’s desktop computer. The components of the client/server system communicate over a network as if they were one and the same program

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