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Pesticide Treadmill

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The pesticide treadmill is a cycle composed of many different factors created by the use of pesticides. These different factors all effect the natural ecosystems of insects and plants on a farm.

One of the first problems with the use of pesticides is that the pests can become resistant to the pesticides. This causes farmers to spray more pesticides more often, which only worsens the problem and causes the pests to become more likely to become resistant. The way this works is that maybe 1 in 00 beetles have a randomly occurring gene which makes them resistant to the pesticide. Therefore when the pesticides are sprayed and all 1 other bugs are killed off the only insects remaining are the ones which are resistant. So the whole next generation of insects are all resistant rendering the pesticide useless. This results in the necessary use of a stronger pesticide, which only causes the same problem to occur again, as well as creating more unknown maleffects on the environment, and also the producers/consumers of the food.

The second problem with pesticides which plays off of resistance, is resurgence. The pesticides which are killing the pests are also killing beneficial insects, such as the natural enemies of the pests. These natural enemies may be keeping many different types of pests in check, so the obliteration of one, may cause another pest to outbreak creating the need for another type of pesticide yet again. Also by removing the natural predator creates a dependence on pesticides to keep all the insects in check. This obviously is not sustainable because it just causes more resistance and more resurgence.

One solution to the use of these highly toxic pesticides is the use of organic pesticides which use bacteria instead of inorganic chemicals. One of these is Bt (Bacillus thuringiensis). Bt is a soil bacteria which is fatal to a range of insect grubs, moths, and weevils. The use of such organic pesticides is only slightly more sustainable as the long term effects on the environment and people are not as harsh because the bacteria is naturally occurring. But by increasing the number of the bacteria the possibility of the pests evolving and becoming resistant to the bacteria by forming natural antibiotics is raised. The problem of resurgence is still large as well.

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The use of Bt is not as highly toxic as the inorganic pesticides used so theoretically less insects are killed, but enough of them are to quell the problems which the pests create. Since less are being killed the probability of all the insects becoming resistant is far lower, and also the chance of becoming completely dependent on pesticides is also lowered. This makes the use of Bt favorable over inorganic chemicals, but still do not completely eliminate all the problems caused by using pesticides.

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