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Jean-Honore Fragonard was in Grasse, France, on the 5th of April in 17. His

father was a merchant. When Jean was six, he moved with his family to Paris. There he

fell in love with painting. In 1756 Fragonard attended a French academy in Rome. Jean

studied under many artists, but the main three were Jean Baptiste, Simeon Chardin, and

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Carle Van Loo. Most of his paintings were sold to nobility. In 178, when the French

Revolution broke out; Jean’s career was destroyed because the nobles could no longer

pay his salary. After the Revolution, Fragonard’s lighter, pastel style and his aristocratic

subjects were looked down upon. Fragonard didn’t adjust to the new painting styles, so

he died a poor man in Paris on August nd, 1806.

Jean Fragonard was a painter during the Rococo period. The painting Diana and

Endymion was painted in 175. The painting contains a cupid, two sheep, a dog,

Endymion, and Diana. The two sheep and the dog belong to Endymion, who is a

shepherd. The cupid boy follows Diana around. Diana is the goddess of the moon and

protectress of the hunt.

Diana the goddess of the moon and chastity rarely fell in love. One night she

was riding cross the blackened sky and noticed a shepherd boy, Edition, asleep under

an oak tree. It was love at first sight. Ashamed of her fondness of the mortal, she gave

him a gentle kiss and rode off in her chariot quietly. Soon, Diana began to neglect her

duties. The gods spied on Diana because she was often absent from the skies. In a short

time, Diana’s secret was out. Many of the gods on Olympus wanted to tease her about

her mortal love, but Zeus wouldn’t allow it. So Endymion was given a choice, death or

eternal slumber, of course the all mighty Zeus these difficult choices. He chose eternal

slumber in a cave on Mount Latmos. Diana could visit him anytime she wanted

There are many different shapes exist in this painting. In fact, the general

composition has the circular value of a crescent moon. This and all of these round shapes

in the painting are appropriate because Diana is the Goddess of the moon. There is

roundness in the bodies of the sheep, dog, and the knees of Diana and Endymion. The

basket and the cupids face also has a circular shape. Endymion’s leg is making a

triangle shape, and his elbow is also making a round shape. Diana is higher in the

painting than Endymion. The humans are framed by the animals.

In this picture, the hue is mainly blue and white. The saturation is low because the sky is light in addition to the peoples’ skin color. However on the edges of the picture the saturation is high, and darker. There is a lot of contrasting in light and dark, but the painting makes some sense by the moon goddess being illuminated and lighting up others as she wishes. When the viewer sees this painting, he maybe amazed by how the brightness of each color was exaggerated to the maximum. By doing this, all the color gives off a glowing light which goes along with the theme of the piece with the god gazing upon a mere mortal. But, on the contrary, all the life near the ground is darkened greatly by the mixing of green and black not to mention various other

browns. Giving off the view that the gods are better than mortals. Also by giving off this glow it seems to lessen the saturation of colors causing everything to look wavy; it is not a very robust colored painting. The colors were the main part of the painting that caught my eye. The lightness of the colors give the impression that very little color was used in the creation of this painting. Also the color composition is mainly white. Basically only primary colors are used; not very many, if any, at all are complimentary colors.

Light is a very important tool in this painting. It is used to highlight the goddess, Diana, the main element in the story used here. Light is used in the separation of god and mortal in the by casting two different lights on goddess and mortal. The light doesn’t seem real so I would guess that it is used for a dramatic effect. The light seems mainly comforting, because of the love between the two.

goddess Diana with the assistance of light.

The lines run together into almost a bowl of noodles. This causes a distortion of

lines therefore each object losses its distinction. The lines are barely visible. This

painting displays the image that the artist used a type of brush to smear and work the

colors together to show a more warm dreamy like feel to the painting. By doing that it

forces the characters in the painting to look very relaxed and almost seem to be asleep.

The lines suggest that everything is relaxed. By keeping the lines barely visible it keeps

in a sense but without making the painting it still retains its soft message. Everything

seems to work together nicely no rigid clashes. The lines do not suggest movement

everything is still as not to wake up the sleeping Shepard. The objects are only separated

by there base color not by line because they are of there in distintion.

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