Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Music Industry

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The music industry has recently been trying to find ways to stop the illegal download of music via PP file sharing networks. Applications such as Kazaa Lite, Grokster, and Sharebear allow the user to download various files from another remote computer without much consent of the user. The music industry has tried to put out their programs that charge a fee for each song downloaded. Some of the first programs asked the user to pay a monthly or quarterly fee for the use of their program. There is also a new program coming out for Mac’s that allows a user with access to pay roughly a dollar per song. Currently, most people use the programs available illegally and go against the copyright laws. Thus, music piracy is growing more day by day.

Music as itself will one day change drastically. With more people downloading files and less CD’s being purchased, the industry will make a big move toward stomping out the illegal download of music. As a musician I would want to make money from the music that I made if I was a professional musician. On the other hand, a musician with a true love of music would not want to charge extremely high prices and make enormous amounts of money for their music. The artist should want their music heard and should not worry about being millionaires. It isn’t really fair that a musician can make more money on one song while teachers are pulling in only enough to make it without going broke.

In summary, music is something that should be shared not just a way for a person or a group of persons to get rich. Therefore, the download of music should not be banned and I think that people should let themselves be heard and tell the music industry to not ban the download of music via peer--peer file sharing networks.

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