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mcdonalds objectives

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Business Objectives are goals that a business hopes to achieve in the future. Objectives can be medium or long term. Objectives are measurable and have a time scale so that the objectives can be measured and the company can see if they have or have not fulfilled their aims. Objectives are very important in most businesses.

A business sets its self objectives to monitor how well it is doing by setting the business objectives then the business can follow these and achieve them so that the company can prosper.

Mc Donald’s mission statement is Mc Donald’s vision is to be the UK best quick service restaurant experience.

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Mc Donald’s objectives are profit, survival, increasing sales or market share, providing service for the community, providing high quality goods or services and developing a skilled work force and charitable/’non-profit’.

Profit Mc Donald’s make their profit by the food they sell. In 001 system wide sales where $40.6billion and the income was an excess of $1.6 billion total revenues for $14. million operating profit $.70 million.

Survival Mc Donald’s has successfully survived since 154 and is still surviving successfully to this present day that’s all most 50yrs.Mc Donald’s has survived due to many new products and offers becoming available with a wide variety of products Mc Donald’s appeals to a wide range of customers from children to the elderly.

Increasing sales/market shares In 174 sales in the UK were at £0.05million in 001 sales had increased to £1,61.71, 184million showing unbelievably arising sales.

Providing services for the community Mc Donald’s in the UK aims to-become synonymous with helping young people in need.

- Contribute 1% of pre-taxed profits to the community.

Over 1 thousand young people took part in Mc Donald’s our town story; these people represented each of the UK’s local education authorities performing 10 shows at the millennium dome and in local venues in the yr 000.

Mc Donald’s learning experience centre provided a multi- media state of the art ‘classroom of the future’ for use by school groups in 000 at the millennium dome. Mc Donald’s sponsors international football including world cup 14 Scottish premier league and Irish football league 1.

 Mc Donald’s sponsors British athletics since 1.

 Child accident prevention trust is sponsored by Mc Donald’s ‘child safety week’ 14

 Since 188 Mc Donald’s sponsored tidy Britain groups annual spring clean.

 During 001 Mc Donald’s was involved in a number of youth related community projects.

Providing high quality goods and services Mc Donald’s is committed to maintaining and developing the best food products in the quick service restaurant market. Mc Donald’s first priority is always the health and safety of customers. Mc Donald’s serve hot, fresh, great tasting, great value food to all its customers every time you visit the restaurant.

Developing a skilled work force Employees do on the job training and open learning development modules backed up with modules backed up with courses and seminars at the company’s national and regional training centers.

All employees received an orientation which is then closely followed by a structured development plan providing training in all areas of the business including externally recognized qualifications in health and safety food safety and first aid.

Charitable/non-profitable objectives In 001 Mc Donald’s donated over £ 1. million towards community educational and charity work. In 001 the company also donated £418,5 to Ronald Mc Donald’s children’s charities; the charities have two main areas of focus

-Helping to keep families together by providing accommodation for the parents and siblings.

-Mc Donald’s also provides grants to registered charities.

£.5 million was raised in the big smile appeal in 14 / 16/ 18 through staff fund raising.

 Mc Donald’s orange bowls are available to local schools and charities fundraising events.

 Free coffee mornings are organized for senior citizens by many restaurants, offering a convenient meeting place in a friendly environment.

 During 001 for the 1th yr, Mc Donald’s restaurants within the M5 supported capital radios ‘ help London child’ appeal raising £ 140 thousand over the 1 yrs that Mc Donald’s has supported the appeal it has raised £1. million for children’s charities.

 In 001 Mc Donald’s donated £7000 to Weston spirit.

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