Monday, April 23, 2012

lord of the flies

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The characters were probably the most interesting element in Lord of the Flies. All British and male, the young boys in this story portray the savagery and sadistic nature to which all but a few succumb. The other boys are the only symbol of sanity on the island. There is also a very interesting conflict between Ralph and Jack. In essence, this is the eternal struggle between good and evil. The ending of the novel concludes in a gut-wrenching showdown between the two.The protagonist in Lord of the Flies is Ralph. At the beginning of the story he is described as being a playful child, but towards the end he matures significantly. He is one of the few boys who realizes that the only way to survive is through peace and order. Because he summons the boys at the beginning of the novel with the conch he and Piggy find, they look upon him as the most responsible of the boys and elect him chief over the humiliated Jack. Jack Merridew, Ralphs main antagonist, is older than most of the other boys. He is the leader of a group of choir boys and is dubbed chief of the hunters by Ralph. He and his hunters become sadistic and detached from the world of peace Ralph creates. Jack is the prime reason why the island becomes full of chaos and corruption. Piggy is a fat little boy who remains close to Ralphs side throughout the story. Although he is intellectually insightful, Piggy is weak and endlessly complains about their troubles. Most of the other boys bully him even though his glasses are their only hope of rescue. Roger is a young lad who comes on to the island with hints of evil. He is constantly bullying Piggy and other small kids. Roger follows Jack, who exploits his dark side, and by the end of their adventures has committed murder as well as many other sadistic acts. Simon is like no other boy on the island. Simons goodness and caring are shown by the way he takes care of the littluns. He is the only boy who discovers the beast on the island that everybody fears. Simons symbolism in this story offers a meaning deeper than just a young, bashful boy.

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