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hydrogen peroxide and potatos

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How does the concentration of hydrogen peroxide depend on the amount of gas released from potato chips?


The apparatus and the uses for each piece that were used for this experiment are listed below

ɨ Measuring cylinder, this was used to measure the hydrogen peroxide. This had a range of 0 to 100 ml and was measured in 1ml units.

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ɨ Safety goggles, these were used to protect our eyes when handling the hydrogen peroxide.

ɨ Conical flask, we used this to put the hydrogen peroxide in and then add the potato chips to do the experiment. This had a range of 0 to 75 ml and was measured in 5ml units.

ɨ Bung and tube, the bung was put in the top of the conical flask to stop any gas going anywhere but the tube, the tube was connected to the measuring syringe.

ɨ Measuring syringe, this was used to measure the gas once it had been released. This had a range of 0 to 00 ml and was measured in 1ml units.

ɨ Clamp and clamp stand, we used this to hold the measuring syringe in place.

ɨ Tile, this was used to cut the potato on.

ɨ Scalpel, we used this to cut the potato chips all the right size.

ɨ Chip cutters, these were used to cut the potato into chips.

In this experiment we are going to measure the gas released from the potato chips reacting with the hydrogen peroxide. We are going to make sure our results are valid by doing each experiment twice, if by any chance we are to get very unusual results from one experiment we do the experiment one more time and if the result becomes more accurate we will use that one. The factor that will be varied will be the hydrogen peroxide. We will do this by measuring out 60ml of hydrogen peroxide each time but changing the concentration of it we will start off by using the 5 molar and our last experiment will be using the 0 molar. The factor that we intend to measure to provide our results is the gas being released from the reaction between the hydrogen peroxide and potato chips. We will do this by pouring the 60ml of hydrogen peroxide into the conical flask we will then add the four potato chips and at the same time start the stop clock. We will press the bung into the top of the conical flask as soon as possible after adding the chips so no excess gas is able to escape. We will time the experiment for two minutes and then check the measuring syringe to see how much gas was released into it. The factors that we will keep the same will be the amount of hydrogen peroxide and the size and quantity of the potato chips. We will do this so the experiment is fair and we are able to get a valid collection of results. The factor that we would like to control but cannot is the time it takes to get the bung in the conical flask. We will take account of this and if wee feel it has taken too long to put the bung in the top of the flask then we will re-do that certain experiment. We have decided to take ten measurements our smallest measurement will be the 5 molar strength of hydrogen peroxide and the largest measurement will be the 0 molar strength. We decided to have ten measurements because they will give us a good reliable set of results to plot on our graph and we felt that doing more than 10 would be too many. We have decided to use the concentrations of hydrogen peroxide that were available to us for this experiment, so we did not have much choice of which ones to use. We hope our measurements will be quite accurate so we can have a decent set of results and so we can conclude and evaluate the experiment well. If we feel the measurements we have do not fit the other results we will re-do the experiment incase we did it wrong or something went wrong during the experiment.

I think that the higher the concentration of hydrogen peroxide the larger asmount of oxygen that will be produced from the reaction of

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