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The bombs dropped in Hiroshima and Nagasaki on August 6th, 145 was completely necessary. For one, it efficiently ended the horrible World War II. Other reasons include that Japan needed to learn the error of their ways, it started the whole use of atomic weapons, and it ended other conflicts with Japan. A positive thing that happened is that it helped Japans economy. Those are just some of the many reasons why it was right to bomb Japan.

On August , 145, President Harry Truman decided to drop and atomic bomb on Nagasaki, Japan. A few days later, this resulted in Japan surrendering and World War II ending. So, the United States dropping the atomic bomb resulted in efficiently ending the war and saving more lives. If we didn’t drop those bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, a full-scale invasion would’ve been necessary and in result, more lives would’ve been lost. In that case, it was right for us to drop the bomb.

The Japanese military was strong and powerful in many ways; one being they rarely ever gave up. After Pearl Harbor, they had to be shown the error of their ways. Although Pearl Harbor wasn’t the main cause of the bombings in Japan, it was something leading up to it. And yet, after atomic bombings, a bunch of conventional bomb droppings, and an invasion by the Soviet Union, the government refused to surrender. The Japanese cabinet had to meet to decide whether to surrender or keep the war going. The cabinet agreed to surrender and World War II ended there. That proves that even through the toughest situation, Japan has a hard time giving up.

The atomic bomb was the start of greater technology in wars. Many people were trying to make them and get their hands on them, including Hitler. Before the atomic bomb, countries were killing using conventional bombs, which killed people but weren’t as effective. Now, atomic bombs are used a lot in wars and there seems to be no great sadness over the other bombs. Although they are more harmful, both the day of the dropping and in later affects, they are better to use in wars.

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The atomic bomb ended many conflicts with Japan, on obvious being World War II. It also changed the technology of war making it more deadly. After we defeated Japan, the democratic government was established there. Because of our bombing them, it resulted in them finding more technology and economic success. So although it killer many people, the later results for Japan were improved.

In conclusion, the bombings in Japan were right because it ended World War II, it put Japan in their place, it started other usage of atomic bombs, and it ended many other conflicts with Japan. It wasn’t the safest thing to do because it ended, and is still ending, so many lives. But on the other hand it was right because it helped them with economy. They are one of the largest economic countries in the world. The bombing was right for these for reasons and many others.

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