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ɨ Your task is to design and build a product that will attract and feed birds.

ɨ It must be able to hold water and at least two different types of bird food.

ɨ You must use at least two recycled materials in the production of your product.

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ɨ Your product must be easily moved from one location to another.


Level 5

KLA Technology

Strand Materials

Learning Outcome 5.

Justify, develop and implement design ideas, using some complex equipment and processes, and evaluate the efficiency of the processes used.


ɨ Apply the technology process independently, in a sequential and non-sequential way

ɨ Generate and justify design ideas and prepare detailed drawings and procedural plans for preferred options

ɨ Demonstrate increasing independence in the use of a range of tools, equipment and machines, including some complex equipment, to implement the preferred option

ɨ Take appropriate safety precautions when using tools, equipment and machines

ɨ Evaluate the efficiency of the processes used and suggest how they could be improved



At level 5 investigation involves

Students examining familiar products, tracing the origins of the products and identifying the materials and processes used. The Internet and other sources can be used to research changes that have occurred in products. (Technology CSFII 000, p.8)


To help me with ideas for my design I decided to research similar products that already exist. Websites I visited were




I also came up with the following questions that when answered, influenced the design of my product.

What recycled materials could I possibly use to make my product?

Consideration Materials must be durable and able to be left outside withstanding all weather conditions.

Brainstorm of ideas

Milk Cartons Foil pie trays

Plastic Milk Bottles Old Coat Hangers

Bottle Lids String

Jars Wood Off Cuts

Tin Cans Fencing Wire

Plastic Soft Drink Bottles Corrugated Iron

Margarine Containers

What types of food will my product need to hold to attract birds?

I visited a variety of bird websites to come up with the following list of ideas

Bird Seed Bread

Pieces of Fruit Orange Juice

Nectar Water

Honey Pop Corn

Peanut Butter


At level 5 design involves

Students’ preparing detailed design proposals. They justify designs with reference to factors such as social and environmental impact. They develop evaluation criteria and organise production processes. (Technology CSFII 000, p.8)

When starting to think about actual designs for my product I identified criteria and came up with a variety of options to satisfy each of them.

Ideas for hanging/standing/mounting the birdfeeder. Remember it must be easily relocatable.

ɨ Use a coat hanger that you can hook over the branch of a tree.

ɨ Attach a block of wood to the base of a tin can. The can is then placed over the top of a fence post.

ɨ Make a freestanding frame.

ɨ Use an umbrella frame that you can hang from a tree branch.

Ideas for containing the bird food/water.

ɨ Cut the bottom off a plastic drink bottle.

ɨ Place lots of small holes into the sides of a plastic drink bottle.

ɨ Use spikes to stick food onto.

ɨ Make cylinders using wire mesh.

Ideas for refilling the bird feeder.

ɨ Use open containers that can be easily refilled.

ɨ Screw Top.

ɨ Easily removable lid.

Using all of the above ideas I came up with the following possible designs.


At level 5 production involves

Students’ implementing procedural plans. They demonstrate precision when manipulating and processing materials. They use a range of tools and equipment and are aware of safety precautions. (Technology CSFII 000, p.8)


At level 5 evaluation involves

Students’ evaluating their product with reference to how well it meets the design brief’s requirements and the efficiency of the processes used. They compare the product with similar products and record and justify modifications they have made. (Technology CSFII 000, p.8)




To investigate how recycled materials can be modified and re-used to create functional products.

Design Brief

ɨ Your task is to design and build a product that will attract and feed birds.

ɨ It must be able to hold water and at least two different types of bird food.

ɨ You must use at least two recycled materials in the production of your product.

ɨ Your product must be easily moved from one location to another.

Part A 75%

At the conclusion of the production of your design you must submit

ɨ A report in your workbook outlining the 4 technology processes

ɨ Self Evaluation of design process

ɨ Finished Product

Part B 5%

5 minute presentation to class outlining the processes you went through to reach your final product

Display final product to class



1 50 min ɨ Give students design brief for this unit

ɨ Give students assignment criteria

ɨ Answer student questions

50 min ɨ Discuss concept of recycling

ɨ Show a video on uses for recycled materials

ɨ Brainstorm a list of recyclable materials

1hour 40 min Students investigate information ie possible meterials, existing designs, what do birds eat etc

4 1hour 40 min Students begin the design stage

See lesson plan for more detail

5 50 min Continue with design stage

6 1hour 40 min Begin production of chosen design

7 1 hour 40 min Continue production of design

8 50 min Continue production

1 hour 40 min Final day for production

10 1 hour 40 min Class presentations & evaluation


This lesson has been planned assuming students have completed the investigation stage and are beginning the design stage of the technology process.


Lesson Number 4

Length 1 hour 40 mins

Class � Nature of Group Grade 8 (CSF Level 5) Approx 5 students


To extend students knowledge and skills in using a variety of equipment and materials

To use knowledge gained in the investigation stage to formulate possible designs

To give students practise at critically analysing their designs

Outcomes Learning Outcome 5.

Justify, develop and implement design ideas, using some complex equipment and processes, and evaluate the efficiency of the processes used.


After completing the investigation stage, students will create possible designs then use a variety of materials, equipment and techniques to test their ideas.

Materials & Equipment

The following equipment will be available in the classroom. Students are welcome to use other equipment they may have acquired from various sources.

Milk Cartons Paint

Plastic Bottles Material Scraps

Bottle Lids Scissors

Jars Pliers

Tin Cans Tin Snips

Margarine Containers Protective Gloves and Goggles

Foil Pie Trays Hammer

Old Coat Hangers Nails

String Saw

Wood Off Cuts Glue

Fencing Wire

Corrugated Iron


Classroom Preparation

ɨ Arrange table into 5 groups so that 5 students can work at each

ɨ Place one long table at front of room with all available equipment set out on it

ɨ Start of lesson � Students sit at tables with their design books

Introduction � 15 mins

1. Remind students of what is required from the design brief

. Using information gained during the investigation stage, ask students to sketch four possible designs into their design books.

. Tell students they must consider the following

ɨ Will their bird feeder hang, stand, be mounted tec?

ɨ How will the food and water be contained?

ɨ How will the food containers be refilled?

These three points can be written on the board.

Body � 1 hour 10 mins

1. Allow students time to sketch possible design ideas

. Roam around the class offering assistance when required

. Ask leading questions but beware of giving actual solutions

4. Ask students to form a pair and look critically at their own and their partners work. Ask them to eliminate any possibilities that they are certain will not work

5. Ask students to start using various materials to try out some of their design ideas

6. In their design books, students are to record their progress. Each student has a box to keep samples of work in

7. Give positive feedback

8. Give a 10 min warning to pack up

. Ask students to stop work at …. O’clock

10. All unused materials to be returned to front of room, scraps to be put in the bin

11. Remind students of safety precautions when carrying sharp implements

1. Work that will not fit in boxes will be placed in the store room

Conclusion � 15 min

1. Have a few students volunteer to present one of their ideas to the class

. Ask the demonstrating student about any difficulties they had with this part of the design and how they overcame them

. Invite the rest of the class to make any constructive comments

4. Sum up the overall class work

5. Inform the class of the outline for the next few sessions

6. Dismiss the class at …. O’clock

Teacher Evaluation of Lesson

ɨ Were aims and objectives met?

ɨ Are there any safety/discipline issues to be concerned about?

ɨ Was there sufficient work for the time

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