Thursday, April 12, 2012

the dangers and empowerments of ectasy

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Growing up is often difficult for teenagers. Some have great difficulties coping with social and academic pressures, physical and hormonal changes and increasing responsibility, and turn to drugs to give them the answers.

Statistics tell us that a growing number of teenagers are using alcohol and drugs, at a younger age than ever before, which is an issue causing great concern.

There is really no one reason why teenagers turn to drugs. Often it is a combination of several factors, including society, family and peers. They may use drugs to escape stress or loneliness or overcome shyness, in social situations. Or they may simply be curious, trying out what they see their role models doing.

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Teenage years are a time of low self esteem, making people feel they are not as smart attractive talented or popular as others. To help deal with this, someone with low self esteem may be more likely to put aside their good judgement, and try drugs which their body will quickly become dependant on.

Ecstasy the drug we are using in our play is known as the club drug, due to its widespread availability in clubs. Club drugs are often considered harmless enhancements to the club scene, with the lure of an inexpensive high and increase in stamina. However emergency room have seen a rapid increase in hospital visits involving ecstasy, and ecstasy has caused many deaths. This false information has lured many teenagers and university students into a world of drug addiction.

Ecstasy is structurally similar to methaphane and the halucegin mescaline. Since it is a hallucinatory drug, we were able to use this information, to create Kass death.

Ecstasy is highly unpredictable, with fatal side effects. Club drugs are illegal substances that are bought and sold without regulation. The source chemicals and contaminants are unknown, making the toxity consequences and symptoms unpredictable. People ages 5 and under account for almost one third of all drug emergencies. People age 5 and under account for almost one third of all drug emergencies. This same age group accounts for an even more significant percent of club drug emergencies, at least 80% of ecstasy emergencies and 60% of GHB emergencies

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