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Justin Ramm

Period 8

The Cheetahs Speed

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Did you know that a cheetah is often mistaken for a leopard? However, it is very different from the leopard. One example is that cheetahs hunt by chasing and outrunning their prey while leopards use their spotted coats as camouflage and hide in bushes to ambush their prey. Cheetahs are the fastest land animals on earth. They can run 75 to 80 miles per hour. Long legs and a small head enable them to run at these high speeds. This fast land animal is mainly found in Southeast Africa, but can be seen in Southern Asia. In Asia, because of their ability to run at high speeds, wild cheetahs are sometimes trained for hunting.

The Sounds They Make

Instead of roaring like the other big cats in the cat family, cheetahs purr, bark, growl, hiss, and chirp but do not roar. Often a cheetah will chirp to attract a bird, then, when the unwary bird comes looking for the other chirping bird, the cheetah has lunch.

The Cheetah’s Eating Habits

Cheetahs are naturally carnivorous. In other words, they eat only meat. Their diet includes small antelope, gazelle, baby warthogs, and as you already know, birds. All wild cats except the cheetah hunt nocturnally. The cheetahs hunt in early morning and late afternoon. They start to hunt on their own at six months old. But even before that the mother will bring live prey back to the den for the baby cheetah to practice killing.

In 100 there were about 100,000 cheetahs worldwide. Now because of poachers going after cheetahs fur coats, there are only 10,000 living today with 1/10th of those in captivity.

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