Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Character Development: Tolitha

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Jimi Hendrix once said, “Life is pleasant. Death is peaceful. Its the transition thats troublesome.” Today’s society views death with great fear and trepidation. A character from Pat Conroy’s The Prince of Tides, depicts the antithesis of a typical member of society. This character is Tolitha. Tolitha attempts to turn a topic as dark and dreary as death into a new enlightening and enriching experience for her family and herself. Through purchasing and trying out a coffin, to her overall excitement about death, Tolitha fully embodies a very round and diverse character. Tolitha tries to make the transition of which Jimi Hendrix speaks, a more enjoyable one.

Tolitha’s first major step in making the idea of death a more pleasant subject was to purchase a coffin. That alone demonstrates a very disturbing thought for some people in today’s society, but not for Tolitha. She even took it a step further by trying it out. This could be perceived as frightening or strange to many people in our world today. These actions, along with Tolitha’s desire to make decisions related to her cosmetics after her death, prove that Tolitha either really feels excitement, or just enjoys being different. Either of these two accusations could be proved with ease.

When Tolitha hears from a fortuneteller that she would not live past her sixtieth birthday she takes the news in stride. Whether this was an attempt to be strong for her family or whether she really felt excited about getting prepared to pass away are two very different motives. It seems as though Tolitha feels genuinely anxious to become prepared for her expected passing and seems to enjoy the preparation. Her happiness and eagerness towards death, although startling at first, truly helps explain the mysterious character of Tolitha.

Pat Conroy effectively develops this strange character in The Prince of Tides, and creates a very thought provoking topic. He brings the topic of death to the surface. Through Tolitha, Conroy teaches us that death should not be feared, but should be welcomed and prepared for. As Benjamin Franklin once said, “A man is not completely born until he is dead.” Conroy’s wonderfully developed character of Tolitha must fully agree with Franklin’s ideals on death.

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