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Reviewer Laura Ferguson

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The Visit October 10th 00

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The Artist Wassily Kandinsky

Biographical Information

Kandinsky was born in Moscow on Dec. 4 He studied law and political economy at the University of Moscow, but after a visit in 185 to an exhibition of French impressionist paintings in Moscow, Kandinsky decided to become a painter. Moving to Munich, Germany, he worked under Anton Azb� and Franz von Stuck. Between 100 and 110 Kandinsky traveled widely, including visits to Paris that put him in contact with the art of Paul Gauguin, the neoimpressionists.

Kandinsky painted his first abstract watercolor in 110 and began formulating his important theoretical study, Concerning the Spiritual in Art, which was published originally in German in 11. In this work he examined the psychological effects of color and made comparisons between painting and music. With the outbreak of World War I, Kandinsky left Germany to return to Russia, where he taught and numerous artistic activities. He went back to Germany in 11 and became one of the principal teachers at the Bauhaus school in Weimar, remaining with the school until it was closed by the Nazi regime in 1. Kandinsky then moved to a Parisian suburb, where he stayed until his death on Dec. 1, 144.

A significant change took place in Kandinskys work during the 10s. From the romantic superabundance of his earlier abstract expressionism, his style evolved into geometric forms--points, bundles of lines, circles, and triangles. During the last decade of his life, Kandinsky blended the free, intuitive image of his earlier years with the geometric forms of his Bauhaus period., 1866.

Describe the Work

This painting has much contrast in colors and shapes. This piece also has a lot of variety. In the piece, what really speaks our to the onlookers would be all of the different shapes and colors. It grabs your attention because when you first look at it, you are not quite sure what exactly the painting is. The values in this painting are also great because of the variety of colors. There is also more stress on some certain objects within the work. The movement in the painting is simply that of all the variety. In the center of the work, Kandinsky made is so almost all of the colors are an occurrence there. This draws your eyes to it because you see the most variety in shapes and colors. That also brings me to discuss the emphasis the colors and shapes make on it. Because of the contrast of value, each shape and color stand out on its own to become that of emphasis.

Study the Work

Improvisation 1 has a less generalized title, Sea Battle, and by taking this hint many can indeed see how he has used the image of two tall ships shooting cannonballs at each other. Though it does not show a sea battle, it makes us experience one, with its contrast, excitement, colors, shaped, and motion.

Kandinsky says all this mainly with the color and shapes, which is all over the painting in many different patterns and in variety. There are also smears, whether of paint or of blood. You can tell that because of the emphasis on it.

Analyze the Work

Wassily Kandinsky’s vision really speaks out to you when you realize what it is, however, unless you really study out the title as to do with the painting, you would not get that all of the variety is there for a certain purpose. However, one you figure out what the picture in his mind is, you can see clearly how he uses the shapes and colors. He uses the lines especially well when trying to show the boats going down. Along with the lines, the colors and contrasts within them show the violence and the battle equally well.

Respond to the Work

The work is very beautiful and speaks to me personally. The contrast and value draw my attention to it and make me study it thoroughly. Once I looked at the title and learned that the painting represented a sea battle, everything now made sense, I had been studying it for a while waiting for the painting to speak to me, and I now understood. The picture now stood out to me. I think that with all the colors and with the contrast, it helps keep the lookers attention. I know that if this picture had no color I would not focus and study this work of art.

The color and variety also seems to represent differences and also a somewhat “crazy” behavior. This painting wakes me up in a literal and spiritual way. I love the beautiful colors and contrasts. I also feel that the way the arist presents his “story” is in a mysterious and bright way. It makes you look deeper into the piece of art and almost read it as a book. All of the colors and variety are like a paint tray being on the ground and taking a picture. That’s what is so wonderful, it seems like it must court the muse of chants to accomplish his way of naturalness.

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