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When the first zoos were established there were no nature programmes or films about wild animals, so people visited zoos to learn about them. Today, however, people are beginning to question whether we should still have zoos where wild animals are kept in cages for the amusement of the public. Zoos say that they care for their animals and that they not only provide people with an enjoyable day out, but also do valuable conservation work and help to educate people about the plight of wild animals. But I don’t agree with this completely.

Some people think that visiting the zoo helps to understand and respect wildlife, but it is hard to see how looking at caged wild animals can teach us anything useful. Animals kept in zoos do not behave naturally because they are kept in a totally unnatural environment. Zoos have birds who cannot fly and tigers who cannot hunt. Surely, you can learn more about wild animals by watching them in their natural habitat on video or film, than by looking at them caged in zoo?

It is often claimed that zoos perform valuable conservation work by breeding endangered species and returning them to the wild. But very few have been bred in captivity and successfully reintroduced back into their natural habitat. Captive breeding programmes will not save the worlds endangered animals. The only way to do that is to preserve their natural habitat and to give them better protection in the wild.

Some people say that animals in zoos are looked after and are happy and contented. But wild animals are not domesticated like pets, they need their freedom and dont enjoy captivity. No matter how well their keepers care for them, many suffer because they are simply not suited to living in a zoo. Most of the inmates are not only very unhappy but are mentally disturbed. Their normal social behaviour is totally disrupted and they become bored and frustrated.

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Zoos are businesses which need to make money. This means that animals are often bred for commercial reasons because the public like to see new-born animals. Such breeding often leads to a surplus of animals which have to be culled to keep their numbers down. There is also concern that some zoo animals are sold to private collectors, circuses, or even research laboratories.

I think zoos have even more drawbacks I haven’t mentioned. And people often don’t see them. We should think about the inmates who are forced to live behind bars and or in small cages, for us just to see them and have fun.

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