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The belief of truth depends on the aspects of different cultures, and how each individual perceives the world. According to many different cultures, religion is a dominant factor which may influence the belief of truth in an individual. However science is another implication of knowledge which some may abide by, and rely on its philosophies for the means of truth.

In the world today, there are several people who rely on religion to give them their answers of truth, infact more than 8 percent of the worlds people have some sort of faith whether it be buddist, Christian, muslim exc. In all these different cultures there is some god or spiritual belief which may influence them to believe in things differently, and each culture has their own truths which they stand for. Like the people of the Christian faith, which happens to be the largest faith in the world today, and this religion counts for the faith of over 1.8 billion people all around the globe. Their particular believe is one in (a) God and the son of God who is proclaimed to be Jesus. Or take the third largest faith for example, Hinduism, where people happen to believe in several gods, if not hundreds of Gods, each serving a specific duty to the world. However some faiths do not require to believe in a God, like the faith of several native tribal groups which basically believe in mother nature, and the spirits which live amongst the land. By these beliefs mentioned as well as theh several more all around the world, people may come to many different conclusions which may affect what they do and don’t believe to be of truth. And their primary judgement of what they believe is truthful to many of these different religions, is the fact that their believe is correct unlike all the other faiths of the world. So religion, which is an implication which may bring different cultures to different truths, through their various distinct philosophies towards life.

Although religion, is a very potent implication of knowledge which may bring many people to truth, science is another implication of knowledge which may universally bring people to truth. Through the works of science, we are able to discover new things, and these new things that we discover maybe labeled as “truthful”. For example, through the works of science we are able to find out that we all as human beings have a heart. This is a statement which all of us can believe to be of truth, and no matter what language you speak or how we communicate this, it is universally known to be as truth.

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