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sodium thiosulphate and hydrochloric acid

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What Am I doing?

I am trying to do the reaction of sodium thiosulphate and hydrochloric acid, but I am varying the temperature that the sodium thiosulphate is before I add the hydrochloric acid. The test is to see the how long it takes after adding the hydrochloric acid for you not to see the black cross underneath the beaker.


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To dot his reaction first I must measure out the amounts of sodium thiosulphate and hydrochloric acid. Then I will heat the sodium thiosulphate to the required temperature on the Bunsen burner. Then I will place the beaker on the cross. I will then add the hydrochloric acid, start the timer and watch the solution until it goes so cloudy that I cannot see the cross, then I will stop the timer, and mark down the result of the time on to my results table.

Things I will need

· Bunsen burner

· Heat proof mat

· Tripod

· Gauze

· One beaker

· Two measuring cylinders

· 15ml hydrochloric acid

· 5ml sodium thiosulphate

· Thermometer

· A piece of paper with a cross on it

· A timer.


In my pilot test I did the same experiment but at room temperature. I laid it out the same and did everything I planned to do. I timed the time it took for me to lose site of the cross through the solution. The time came out as 7 mins and 8.7 seconds. I then wrote my prediction on this analysis. That the time would go down as the temperature went up.


I my research I found out that the reaction should speed up as the temperature goes up, this is due to the collision theory. The theory says that as you warm up an atom or molecule it builds up energy which Is used up by the atom becoming excited and rushing around so if the atom moves around faster, it will find the other atoms faster and then be more likely to hit hard enough to form a bond with this other atom, therefore the whole reaction happens faster.


I predict that the warmer a make the sodium thiosulphate before I add the hydrochloric acid, the faster they will react. This prediction is based on the collision theory, which says that the hotter something is the faster it will react because it will make the atoms excited so move around faster and cause more reactions more often.


When using any chemicals you should be careful to make sure you do not drop it and get it on your hands, then when using any chemicals or the Bunsen burners you should always use safety goggles. If you break something, tell the teacher, and if you gat any chemicals in your eyes tell the teacher and then wash it out using the eye wash tubes.

Obtaining evidence/results.

I will go about obtaining my evidence by following my plan and my method. This should help me to get the results that I need, and the correct ones.

Once I have got my results I will layout my results in a table like this on

Then using the method I used earlier I will do the whole experiment for each of the different temperatures. Then I will fill in the table respectively. I will repeat my result several times and then do an average to get the most accurate results. I will measure the liquids carefully and I will watch the temperature carefully too, to make sure that it is a fair test.

Analysing evidence and

Drawing conclusions.

Looking at my results I can conclude that the collision theory was right. As the temperature increased the time taken for the reaction to finish decreased. This proves the theory and it proves right my prediction.

This reaction and results have gone exactly by the text book, they have followed the collision theory to the finest point, and the graph shows this,

These are my results (they were the average ones)

Evaluating Evidence.

The results I got from this experiment were accurate to a point, if we had better equipment it would not be a problem, the fact we could not keep the temperature constant throughout the reaction.

I could not see any anomalies in my results they all seamed inline and not out of place.

I think that to improve my method therefore making it a fairer test, I could keep my beakers in a bath of water so that the temperature will stay closer to a constant temperature. And then I could use very accurate measuring equipment to measure out the liquids. And take more time.

I would like to do this experiment again and try to implement some of the changes that I have given; this may only change my answers a little bit but hopefully will make them more accurate. With more accurate evidence / answers I can make a far more accurate conclusion based on these new findings.

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