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“Seabiscuit the Miracle Horse” Romans 8:25 proved by a horse!

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“In 18, a year of monumental turmoil, the number one newsmaker wasn’t Franklin Roosevelt, or Adolf Hitler. It wasn’t even a person. It was an under sized, crooked-legged racehorse, owned by a bicycle repairman-turned-automobile magnate, trained by a virtually mute mustang-breaker, and ridden by a half-blind failed prizefighter. The racehorse was Seabiscuit.” � Author Laura Hillenbrand, “Seabiscuit”

The amazing story of Seabiscuit was recently released in movie theaters. It’s a stranger-than-fiction story of four unlikely heroes who defeated all odds during the Great Depression of 18, and brought new hope to America, that even when youre down, kicked around and scorned, you’re never too far behind to catch up.

Major events from the four characters’ lives helped to bring them together to accomplish, by what some might call ‘pure chance’, the impossible.

Charles Howard, Seabiscuit’s owner, was a man who turned a bicycle repair shop into a multi-million dollar car-selling business. Most likely, he wouldn’t have taken on Seabiscuit or any other horse if not for the tragic car crash that killed his son and caused his wife to leave him. Sufficiently soured of cars and his life shattered, he went to Mexico to escape his melancholy, and there he met Marcela, a horse lover. They got married, and Howard, who was now led to find a new direction in life, decided to take on horses.

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Tom Smith, The Lone Plainsman, was an old cowboy, and when Charles Howard went looking for a trainer, Tom was his choice. Tom was brought up around horses and used to ride the open range, taming mustangs, before developers snatched up the open frontier. The moment Charles met Tom his sharp businessman’s know-how sold him to Tom’s honesty and keen knowledge of horses.

Tom and Charles then started a serious search for a winning racehorse. Seabiscuit was the choice; when Tom first caught Seabiscuit’s eye, the horse acted like he was looking down his nose at Tom. Tom could see past the horse’s glaring physical faults and straight into the Biscuit’s fiery and competitive spirit. The amazing Seabiscuit was the descendant of Man o’ War, a legendary racehorse, but he was barely over pony size, hard at breathing, had a crooked left leg, and had psychological problems-- including being trained to lose.

Then a jockey was needed. Tom chose Johnny “Red” Pollard, a rough and tumble young man who was blind in one eye, as Seabiscuit’s jockey. Tom could see the same fight in Red as he did in Seabiscuit. Red’s parents abandoned him as a boy, and Red later took up life as a hard-luck jockey and a part-time prizefighter, living in a vacant horse stall. Red was cultured and poetic, but he was temperamental, impatient, and an alcoholic with a hot temper. Red could empathize with all of Seabiscuit’s strange quirks; he was able to help tap Seabiscuit’s ability and was the Biscuit’s ideal rider.

If things had happened any differently, there would have never been a Seabiscuit.

To turn the Biscuit from a a loser to a winner was simply a matter of calming him down, breaking him of his laziness, and accessing his competitive nature. The three men trained the horse until Seabiscuit was winning race after race � as well as heart after heart of the people in the west and eventually the east. Eventually it came down to the ultimate race between Seabiscuit and War Admiral-- the most handsome, purely bred racehorse of all time. Everyone had gotten a radio so they could listen in on the race of the century; it was the best horse from the East versus the best horse from the West, and the West blew War Admiral out of the water.

Team Seabiscuit had harsh setbacks though, even during their glorious racing currier. Seabiscuit got his leg injured twice, the second time coming with the prognosis that the horse would never race again. Red Pollard also got a leg injury and was proclaimed to never be able to walk again, much less ride. -- Both horse and jockey, through determination and God’s grace, came back to slay the competition in the Santa Anita Handicap, one of the few victories that had eluded them in the past.

There’s a Bible verse that explains the Seabiscuit phenomenon--

1 Corinthians 17-1 - But God hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise; and God hath chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty; … and things which are not, to bring to nought things that are … he that glorieth, let him glory in the Lord.

Speaking of God’s Word, the producers of the Seabiscuit movie failed to see the hand of God fitting the pieces together. The screenwriters told the story very well, but chose to repeatedly use God’s name in a profane way throughout the movie and it’s quite stunning. They remind one of the scientists who look at the universe and are amazed, yet they think it all evolved into our complicated world through an accident. How can so many amazing events, linked so perfectly together as in the Seabiscuit account, be just an accident? Would you pin that all on chance?

God made an extraordinary horse, gathered three men together to hone the Biscuit’s ability, and strung it all together as a message of determination and encouragement to the people of the depression. To God be the glory, for great things he hath done. “All things work together for good … for them that are called according to his purpose.” � Romans 88

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