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"lord of the Flies" by william golding about a darkness in a mans heart

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“Lord of the Flies” by William Golding explores a man’s capability for savagery, brutality and to inflict pain on his fellow man. This capability is not due to the colour of their skin or their background but the development of evil if given the slightest chance. Before savagery became present on the once very beautiful Island the leader appointed could not comprehend how a man could demolish democracy and civilisation. William Golding wants us to convey how such an opportunity to live freely and beautifully, without any adults, is easily misused and destroyed by a man’s ability to despise everything rational.

The Island the boys set ashore on could be thought of as a paradise. The Island was beautiful with great wide beaches and green forests, which provided many resources such as fruit from trees, and water from clean rivers. The Island gave the boys the chance to avoid the War happening beyond their reach and the opportunity to run a completely new different location without the threat of adults controlling their lives. The boys do not fully realise the beauty and minimal dangers the island possesses. Early imitations of problems come about when Jack orders his choir to walk along the beach in there black garments in the blistering heat without stopping until told otherwise. The destruction of the paradise can only be traced to a man’s potential for darkness in his heart.

From first arriving on the Island the boys are innocent of any capability of savagery or inflicted suffering. They are innocent because they see the Island as a new adventure and a time to enjoy and celebrate everything they have at that moment. On the Island they have no adults to look over their shoulders once somebody remotely steps out of line. The prospect of leading an Island, having fun without any grown-ups is truly thrilling, but, the prospect is a problem; without authority and knowledge of full responsibility there is nobody to act and put right mistakes. This lack and daunting problem is clearly shown when all the boys set the ground ablaze symbolising a lack of control. Although they appointed a leader on the Island while setting rules they automatically forgot the main rule which was to keep the fire alight. The fire was kept for a little while but was forgotten when someone else decided to make their own policy. Also, another sign of impending disaster is the importance of appearance and the denigration of the physically weak. This demands belonged to Jack where he only respected people big and strong like him where no one posed a threat towards him like Ralph. Jack has a will to have total power and respect and that is why he succeeded in breaking and destroying democracy.

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Piggy is an important but powerless character whose efforts on the behalf of the others result in him being mocked and rejected. From first meeting Piggy, Jack and his choir picked up on his flaws by literally bullying him until the point where he becomes frightened. One thing Jack and his choir do not realise is that Piggy may be their answer to living without conflict or problems. Piggy’s intellect and rationality would have been the most useful tool if it were not due to his ridiculous appearance. Piggy unfortunately wears glasses, is small and is obese so is therefore is seen as different from others and the boys have picked up on that through demeaning him. Piggy believes that life is scientific and that any problem has a solution to it no matter how difficult it may be. Piggy’s theory is defeated along with his good sense because not every problem can be solved through science, some problems are purely down to the goodness or darkness in humans and that’s why good sense is also abolished. Good sense is abolished due to the fact of people not respecting other views from other people that conflicts theirs. Although we know Piggy as a little fat boy who is not liked by the followers of Jack we forget he is important for his glasses. Piggy’s glasses symbolises intellect, knowledge and fire, which is life. Piggy’s glasses provided fire and without them it would of provided a bleak hope for the future of the boys. The priceless commodity that was the glasses was easy misused and mistreated, but as time passed by the boys knew they would need it for survival. For total power Jack or Ralph had to acquire the glasses to show that they can provide the resource of fire no matter who suffered. Their exciting prospect was bleak from Piggy being mocked, being an outcast and murdered which is sad because he was the one to provide the needed answer to questions.

Of all the boys on the Island Simon is the least fortunate. Simon is a visionary and has an aura of purity as he can predict the future. His bravery and sensitivity helped all of the boys but was murdered due to the darkness of man’s heart. Simon was alienated from the group because of his weaknesses from suffering epileptic fits. While being on the Island Simon helped the little’uns reach for fruit and help Ralph build shelters to sleep in, Simon even out classed the supposed strong characters like Jack and Ralph by going back along way to give Piggy a message. Simon became “Inarticulate in his efforts to express mankind’s essential illness.” Simon stated, “Maybe there is a beast or maybe it is only us.” Simon realises there is no beast with big claws and sharp teeth but comprehends the beast is our own fixations created to fill the position of danger and anxiety; it is our greed for power, our lack of foresight, our selfishness and stupidity. Simon’s bloody death and removal by the sea symbolises the end of civilisation because it tells us that life is slipping away and no one cannot live with the danger of murder especially to vulnerable characters like Simon in this case.

Ralph is an influential character. He is an altruistic person. He is not greedy for total dominance as compared to Jack. Ralph cares for everybody’s needs, is rational and most of all is logical. Ralph is thinking two steps ahead of everybody else. He realises the need for fire to get them of the Island and he starts democracy from first blowing the conch and catching attention. Ralph has a fundamental decency by allowing everyone to have views on issues on the Island. On the Island Jack is seen Ralph as a threat and a new found enemy. Jack knows that Ralph’s ideas and logical thoughts are the only way and possibility of living judiciously and reasonably without the threat of a man’s capability for evil, and this is why Jack deliberately discarded the rules and democracy for the adventure he promised himself subsequent to his arrival on a boys paradise. When Jack and the others from the choir had enough of Ralph’s rules and democracy split into a new groups creating two separated sections on the island. When Ralph reverted to wearing the clothes he first arrived he did for the reason to show all of the rebels the way it was before all the disasters came about. Even though Ralph had the right of showing Jack, Roger and the hunters the way it was, Ralph had already lost the battle to Jack because Jack ensured the boys that he had the pleasure they wanted. Even though Ralph was always seen to be on the good side he does have some traces of darkness, which could have easily been developed. Ralph joined in on a chant of savages round the fire, by dancing in frenzy and singing. However, Ralph’s one emphatic mistake can be excused for being in a crowd because in a mob of people there is the opportunity to lose one’s identity.

Roger is sly, cunning and dangerous if not under authority. He gets his thrills from increasing people’s insecurity by frightening them. If Roger is not under control he has the power to kill his fellow men, in the most evil and sinister way. Roger tries hard to get involved with doing the tasks the macho figured boys carry out in order to keep friends with Jack. Roger does this because he could not bear to be a recluse and be on his own because Roger would have nobody to back him up if caught in trouble. Also Roger wants the security of being friendly with Jack so he does not get in trouble for his malicious actions and so he can perform tricks on people he believes that are less fortunate as compared to him. Roger is Jacks henchman where Jack uses him to his advantage. Roger really does have darkness in his heart and is thrived on the suffering of others no matter what pain they endure as a result. When it comes to Piggy’s death it is completely all Roger’s fault in his murder. He unleashes his fury by murdering Piggy because he was sick of listening to his knowledgeable and rational views. However Roger also murdered Piggy because Jack despised him, and wanted rid of him. Roger is a delirious abandonment. Roger leached on to most of thoughts of the hunters and thought he had done a favour by killing harmless Piggy, which is an extreme they could never carry out. Roger seen the chance to have fun without the adults and took full advantage of it.

Jack is a dominant character who does not follow rules and laws that he feels are un-reasonable. Jack must have things the way he likes it and hates it when he is ordered into doing tasks he repulses because Jack believes all the boys should be earning respect from him. Jack seeks adventure and excitement like hunting for pigs or the search for the beast. Jack likes everything in life but lacks the quality of foresight because he cannot realise that his views would only ruin democracy. One thing that Jack really excels at is his ability to manipulate people in his race for total power. Everybody is manipulated by Jack bar Piggy because Jack provides glamorous actions that entices people to follow him. His descent into savagery first came about when he disguised his identity under a mask of paint. With face and body paints on their bodies, the boys do not think and act rationally because they believe they are living a different identity under a large group who chant, dance and hunt. The road to savagery was taken when Jack decided to scrap democracy and the rules for entertainment by walking away from Ralph, challenging him at the same time. From the start Jack had always wanted to be the leader and he hated Ralph for having that control. Jack needs to feel in control and dominant over others because that is the way he wants it to be. Although Jack was not the first choice for leader he still had leadership qualities some of which were greater than that of Ralph’s. Jack could manage and be in great power of the boys. His physical appearance demands respect, which he receives and therefore, provides the complete freedom the boys all hoped for. What Jack wants from leadership is to show Ralph and any other threats towards him, that he is the best man for the job and cannot be beaten. He wants to know he is superior, has great power compared to the boys and Jack succeeds at this because he is good at what he does. However, his tolerance and attitude towards Piggy and the conch proves to be his biggest mistake. Jack does not spot the need to get of the Island with Piggy’s intellect; Jack abuses his power and his strength in hunting not realising that he should be rationing the food on the Island. Towards the end Jack becomes crazy for way he wants to kill and sacrifice Ralph. He sets the Island on fire ruining not only the Island but also civilisation.

All the boys dreamt a dream, hoping to enjoy, play and live by themselves without any adults punishing them. They dreamt for happiness and thought they would have it, but they have almost destroyed themselves. Their deaths symbolised great sacrifices and once a democracy but changed into the end of civilisation. By the end all the boys have lost their innocence because they have all fallen into the trap of darkness in a man’s heart. The answer to what has been lost at the end is everything the Island once lived. The boys can only look back now and think that life is not scientific whatever anyone says, but life is dangerous depending on the way you treat it which applies to the once beautiful and resourceful island. The island was also a microcosm of the true World as it was a War within a War and if given the chance the darkness in a man’s heart is the controlling factor, which can lead to destruction.

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