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This novel is the third book of a three part series. It’s about a girl who lived in a big Victorian house with her parents, her brother and twin sister. The house was strange. There was a dark presence that would do anything to make the family’s life ruined. The main character’s name is kody, her twin sister’s name was Cally, and her brother was James. In the first book, James and Cally both died in the house. Kody and her parents were very depressed, so they all moved out of the house.

A director named Bo McGomery heard of the story and wanted to make a movie out of it. He asked Kody to star as her dead sister, and Kody excepted. Kody agreed to do this because she wanted to go back to the house and set her sister’s spirit free. A conceited actress named Persia, starred as Kody, and a guy named Rob starred as Cally’s ex � boyfriend Anthony.

They returned to her old house where Cally died. As they began to shoot the movie, weird things happened. First, a man gets his hand chopped up from a garbage disposal that was supposed to be turned off. Kody was accused of turning on the button. One day, while doing practice shots for the film, a camera fell on a stunt girl’s face, leaving her dead. A security guard claimed he saw Kody, in the middle of the night, trying to make the cameras unsteady.

A few days later, while filming, Kody and Persia were doing a scene where they were fighting over a knife. Kody took the knife and jammed it into Persia’s hand, nailing her to the table. Everyone was shocked. She went to Bo and burned his face with a hot piece of metal. Though it appeared to be Kody doing these acts, it was really her twin sister Cally. The house possessed Cally’s spirit to do bad things in order to frame Kody. After that, she released Kody from a locked room. Kody convinced Cally that the house made her evil. What was happening all along was that the real estate agent was evil, and was controlling Cally. Cally told Kody to leave the house, and once she did, Cally blew the house up.

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This book was okay. They exaggerated the plot a little too much. Out of a possible 5 stars, I give it stars.

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