Thursday, March 22, 2012

Lesbian Community

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In the essay “Traveling on the Bowlertown Underground The Formation of a Lesbian Community,” the author, Tamara Pope Roghaar; an anthropology student, tries to explain the formation of a lesbian community in a fictional city called Bowlertown. This is a good topic for a study and an essay because as the author said most of the publicized literature about gay communities have been targeted towards gay men and not very much information is available about lesbian communities. This city has a population of about ,000 with surrounding areas amounting to 70,000 people, and the city itself is all urban, this hints to me that the city in which this study takes place is comparable to Lisle, which is good because it is like an average American city. This is a good city to do an investigation in because as it is said in the essay, people already know about the lesbian communities in the larger cities like New York, or San Francisco where the gay community congregate, for instance, in bars and clubs that are targeted to those specific lifestyles. There hasn’t been any information made public about the small, rural communities that lesbians are from. To support her essay, Roghaar conducts interviews with several lesbians that reside in Bowlertown and its surrounding areas. This is a good way to go about getting information about this topic, I haven’t done any research on this topic but I am sure that there really aren’t very many statistics on the topic of lesbian communities. This really isn’t a topic that would justify using statistics, so approaching it with the interviews was a good alternative. The creator of this essay did an excellent job in writing it as well; the language that was used was understandable and logical. She also did a good job organizing her quotes from the interviews into the essay; they truly do a good job in getting her idea across.

The only item that I believe that Roghaar didn’t do a good job in was discussing essentially how these communities form. She did, however, go into detail about how one would go about joining one of these communities, for instance playing softball or by ads in the newspapers. This essay’s other bad side was that it was stereotypical of the lesbian community and the softball community along with others as well. First, it stereotypes the lesbian community by saying that there are only two types of lesbians diesel dykes and lipstick lesbians. In addition, it seemed to me, after reading this essay, that these two types of lesbians didn’t get along with each other at all and that none of them could be friends or converse with each other. In my opinion, I think that if someone is open minded enough to be a lesbian then they should be open minded enough to befriend all types of lesbians. This essay also stereotypes softball players because she pretty much said that softball players joined the sport because they are looking to meet other lesbians. Whats more, it made me assume that only lesbians play the sport. Roghaar has to be careful about how she states these findings because it came off to me that she was stereotyping these groups, I know that she isn’t, but it does come off that she is.

Overall, this is a extremely good essay, it really does an excellent job of showing the lesbian community in a small rural town to the audience. I had never really wanted to learn about the lesbian communities across the country but nevertheless, it was still a very interesting topic to write about and to read about.

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